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Trevor Noah leaves The Daily Show and there’s nobody left watching it who cares.

Trevor Noah leaves The Daily Show and there’s nobody left watching it who cares.

He already took a much loved comedy news program with high ratings and turned it into The Daily Two Minutes of Hate Against White People.

Oh, and he’s not funny.

I pretty much stopped watching the show a few episodes in unless it accidentally came on the TV when I was living in the hotel and he was after South Park or something.

The guy is just such a colossal racist idiot that he completely managed to destroy the show that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert spent years making great.

I have no explanation for how Trevor Noah managed to stay on for 7 years except possibly Affirmative Action or something.

Any White person who took over the show and went after Blacks the way he went after Whites would have been shit-canned in less than a week, and he spent a good part of 2020 making excuses for why looters had to set people’s cars on fire and steal big screen televisions.

My spouse was an International Student, and his liberal college professor forced them all to read Trevor Noah’s grievance politics.

Noah is privileged. He’s not broke. He has enough money in his bank account that he never has to work again if he doesn’t want to, and part of his wealth is from students being forced to read him as part of a leftist indoctrination program.

This bitter and sad little man won’t be missed, but who is left watching? Cable TV subscribers have been fleeing 2+ million cancellations per year, and it’s pretty much down to people who watch the sports package.

It’s doubtful that anyone could resurrect the formula that made The Daily Show successful after the shit that Trevor Noah pulled.

The place where all the late night comedy/news action is now, is on HBO, where John Oliver (also from The Daily Show) went.

Trevor Noah is one of those people fanning the “The World Owes Me Something Because I’m Here” flames and setting back race relations in America. Unfortunately, those sorts have gained the upper hand.

Look, nobody is saying that there hasn’t been some crazy messed up shit in American history, but acting as-if only Americans can be racist or cruel, or have a sordid history is disingenuous to say the least.

John Oliver himself just got done roasting his own country, the United Kingdom, for looting and plundering the world to fill its museums and how their politicians are so condescending that they claim, in a typical “polite” British fashion, of course, that the (mostly African) countries they stole it all from are too poor, dumb, and irresponsible (for allowing themselves to be looted?) to be “trusted” to have their own national property back.

Oliver makes excellent points. He backs up his assertions by citing the evidence, and he does not make any claims that his own culture didn’t do terrible things in history that need to be repaired to the furthest reasonable extent today.

The world is full of countries that are more racist and evil, at least historically, than America, but they get no flak for it because people think they’re “cute” or “nice” or something.

Consider Canada. They have Immigration policies that are nastier than Trump on his worst day.

They murdered and slaughtered and raped the natives, and mass buried them, and built schools for White children on the graves. I mean, talk about fucked up.

But all you hear about Canada is how liberal they are, while they are literally trying to sue the United States for shutting down their tar sands oil pipeline.

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

While you can gain ground in public opinion over years of making arguments and changing political atmospheres, nobody likes a whiner.

No, you’re not “entitled” to loot and burn my car because you “don’t like what a cop did”.

Do I look like a cop? I’ve been treated terribly by law enforcement numerous times, and I’m not Black. I wish I could go into more detail (and maybe I will very soon), but I’m at least as horrified by the police as anyone else.

The police drove Ian Murdock to suicide by hanging with about the same sort of things that they did to me.

However, Justice was done in the case of Derek Chauvin, who is going to be in prison until at least 2038 already, and he’s about to go on trial yet again on 9 felony counts of tax evasion and failure to report income.

I mean, you piss off the government, you piss off everyone in the country, bad things happen. They start digging up anything they can. I was pissed at what I saw. They had no right to do that, and I’m glad they were punished.

But the riots in 2020 were never about Derek Chauvin and the other officers, and George Floyd.

It was about the fact that government in America has failed and there has been a breakdown of law and order that has made such a thing even possible. Our courts have failed as badly as our democracy has failed.

But “Comedy” Central had this stupid asshole, Trevor Noah, on The Daily Show, making it all so much worse by repeatedly excusing criminal conduct that was inexcusable, and as he was fanning the flames, “Comedy” Central kept him on the air. People may have died _because_ Trevor Noah took the side of the rioters and made them feel justified.

In the Chicago suburb I live in, half the businesses on my side of town were vandalized and looted, including a local grocery chain ran and largely staffed by Hispanic/Latino people, and the cops pretty much just sat there and watched it and did nothing.

In Chicago, it was worse. They put the bridges up to try to stop the lootings. Small Black and immigrant-owned businesses got torn up, many didn’t even bother to reopen.

One reason Chicago is such a “stinking hellhole” (as Gubernatorial Candidate Darren Bailey put it) is because only the criminals there are well armed.

They ignore the gun laws, so they have guns. Simple as that. However many guns they want. Illegally modified guns. Machine guns. Guns with no serial numbers. Whatever they want.

They know the gun laws lower the odds their victims will be armed. In many cases, they send 10 and 12 year olds out to carjack people, because the court system isn’t going to do anything to a 10 year old, which has already been instructed as to what will happen if they cooperate with the police.

The solution to this problem is dismantling the crime at the source. Not hiding behind the word “Racism” because you know that nobody wants to even touch that.

I am not sad to see Trevor Noah go away. Hopefully, we never hear from him again.

The Twisted Logic of Republican migrant busing to “Sanctuary States”.

In the news lately, is a lot of stuff about Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Governor Greg Abbott of Texas sending migrants to blue states, which spent the Trump years passing “Sanctuary laws”.

These states and cities (Illinois has one, and so does Chicago, which goes even further.) spent years passing Sanctuary Laws, which shield Immigrants from ICE by way of State non-cooperation.

However, in most of these cases, what’s happened is that the Immigrant in question only came to the attention of the State government because they were arrested for committing a crime, against another Immigrant or even a United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.

In other words, it protects the bad ones more than it does the good ones.

Most countries don’t take kindly to illegal immigration even when it’s relatively benign (migrant farm workers or something), but I presume that they take less kindly to illegal immigrants coming to their country to rape and murder their own citizens, drive drunk, and raise hell, but when Democrats in the United States pass laws to shield these people so that ICE can’t remove them, what happens is they all go to the place they know allows that and crime surges.

It’s hardly any wonder, then, why Governors DeSantis and Abbott have had no trouble at all getting illegal immigrants on planes and buses and sending them here. They’ve sent at least 800 of them to Chicago alone, and that was the last time I checked, so it’s probably more by now. Maybe even over 1,000. More are coming.

What’s more telling is that when they get to Chicago, Chicago officials directed by Her Hineyness Mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot, are there to implement the “Welcoming City Ordinance”….. by putting them on another bus and turning them around to go stay in small towns in Illinois that haven’t generally been experiencing lawless disorder like Chicago has, and quite often they have Republican local governments.

In other words, it’s becoming a shuffle because the liberals don’t even want these people, and it’s not hard to see why.

Even if Dictator Pritzker hadn’t destroyed the economy of Illinois with his illegal lockdown orders and overspending on mafia unions which blow up perfectly good roads, repave them, and then two days later are out ripping pieces out of the road they just redid again, and pensions we can’t afford on “teachers” who are managing a bunch of dropouts who are more likely to get addicted to drugs, become a single mother, or get an STD, than to graduate in a Chicago School, these illegal immigrants certainly don’t have permission from USCIS to work anywhere, so what the hell are we going to do with thousands of them?

Maybe the next bus will be to Canada, where Justin Trudeau has an even stricter and more racist Immigration system than the one Donald Trump wanted, but nobody says anything about it.

Anyway, the black humor in giving the liberals what they want, is watching them scream when they get it.

Major “adtech” layoffs. Newspapers continue dying off. American economy continues to the scene of the crash.

In another sign of Dotcom Bubble 2.0, adtechs are laying off, according to layoffs.fyi and the New York Times.

We’re definitely seeing echos of the Dotcom Bubble collapse, even though most consumer-facing news is trying to spin things to suggest the lowest unemployment rates ever. A lie that Vice-President Kamala Harris repeated only the other day.

Most Americans are terribly concerned with inflation and losing their jobs, but the CNNs and CNBCs still project denial. What rags!

Burying your head in the sand hasn’t ever helped anyone solve a problem. These folks want you to subscribe to the religion that as long as “consumer confidence” remains high, it does not matter how much toxic sludge is swirling around in the system. There’s a lot of toxic sludge, that’s for sure. When is the last time anyone asked how confident YOU were as a consumer? Yeah, me neither.

In the New York Times article I just linked to, Marc Andreeson, one of the early Web pioneers (Netscape, Sun, etc.) and an active “Venture Capitalist” today, says that “good big tech companies” are overstaffed by 200% and “bad big tech companies” are overstaffed by 400%.

(By good and bad, he means as investments, of course. And, relatively speaking.)

So it falls somewhere in-between with Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Uber where in the 200-400% range they actually are.

I posted about the internal woes at Microsoft.

It’s a bloodbath in tech right now. A complete bloodbath.

Most people who have been through layoffs (I have.) can tell you that when the CEO or their boss calls a meeting and says that the company has to “become leaner and more focused”, it’s not a good thing. Employee morale tanks immediately, people start looking for jobs, even the ones that may not have been fired.

But layoffs work like that. Microsoft is in so much trouble, and their executives have no vision, and they’re not alone. Most companies are like that. They try to sand and paint and keep it looking okay, and then the problems just bubble up and the rust explodes publicly. That’s what’s going on in Microsoft today.

I think that Marc Andreeson is correct and we’re looking at job losses that could easily enter the millions within the next 6-12 months.

“The News” quality is being chiseled away at due to the collapse in both advertising revenues, and the lack of people willing to pay for it.

Gannett, the largest newspaper company in America, posted a $54 million dollar quarterly loss recently, and risks being “acquired” by another Bezos (like The Washington Post was) or Bezos himself.

The gaslighting becomes so much easier as there’s less and less journalism to turn to.

Over the years, the US federal government has more or less defunded the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, citing budget cuts.

The government spends over $7 trillion USD a year now, and that’s just the feds. Tax revenues are maybe half that, and you hear the Democrats go on and on about “deficit reductions”.

Does it sound like they care how much they spend on anything or what the deficits are?

Neutering NPR and PBS and leaving them vulnerable to corruption by Bill Gates, Amazon, Bezos personally, Exxon, and Walmart, and countless others, ensures that they’re only slightly less bad than the “corporate media”. The only reason they’re kept alive at all is because they can claim to be “public broadcasting” and “fair” and the idea of that is laughable. Federal funding is like <1% of their budget.

They may be chartered by law to do some things, but when 99% of your money comes from the James Bond villains, you don’t piss off the James Bond villains.

To chart the decline in the American media is difficult. No matter where you think the bottom is at, you’re wrong and it gets worse. It’s such a sewer that millions of people either have been or will be newly unemployed at the end of this another year, and they’re still talking about a “tight jobs market” even though there’s “a lot of layoffs”.

It’s written in such a way that any individual person who happens to read this crap is supposed to think that it’s just a problem for them that they’re unemployed and nobody is calling them.

That’s pretty sick, honestly.

What’s even sicker are all of these businesses that got “Paycheck Protection” money.

Now the news admits 75% of it failed to reach any workers, according to a study conducted by the United States Central Bank, specifically the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve. $600 billion out of $800 billion went to the rich.

Specifically to people like the Indiana slumlord who drives 3 Cadillacs and cheats on her taxes, and fakes eviction letters to the Township trustee to get her tenants “poor relief” vouchers payable to her. You know, “job creators”.

I’m sure she was very happy that President Trump was there to hand her $12,000 that open records show that she didn’t have to pay back.

You put this all together and it’s obvious what’s going on. They think that with the appropriate amount of brainwashing, they can hold the riots back while they continue sucking our national treasury bare.

Pretty much all of the corruption is open, indeed some of it is even reported on, but when did you see the article about the PPP that I just mentioned. Now, right?

They say that you know a country is circling the drain when its people become decadent and start favoring “Bread and Circuses”, or as the Roman term was, “panem et circenses“.

Last year, as part of an attempted turnaround, Gannett hired a new executive with a background in “Entertainment and Gaming” to “build a customer obsessed platform”, all anyone wants to do is sit in their home staring at a 5″ phone screen watching “streaming apps”.

Hell, Chicago Mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot recently signed an agreement to turn Chicago over to NASCAR for TWO WEEKS, insisting that $500,000 to let them tear up our streets and make noise and a mess and draw drunken crowds to one of the most violent cities in America, was a great deal.

(For comparison, Lollapalooza pays the city $2 million to be there for 4 days, occupying part of Grant Park.)

“Beetlejuice” claims Chicago has a lot of “closeted NASCAR fans”. (I haven’t seen any.)

The ultimate costs of having the NASCAR spectacle to the taxpayers of Chicago is “unknown”, but that hardly matters.

The government can steal from you to pay for whatever it wants.

And distracting you from the lousy government (which is taking bribes among other things), is a good investment of your hard-earned money.

The incestuous relationship of the mainstream news, entertainment, and politics is where one hand washes the other.

The wealthy do not want to pay for programs to compensate the unemployed.

The dying news media makes for easy takeovers, which become a psyop splog for Bill Gates, Bezos, Musk, Cook, and the rest, and the politicians get their “numbers”.

Like, “2% unemployment. There must be something wrong with you, bro.”

The best advice I’ve seen, from someone on one of my chats, was “Don’t trust your employer and keep your fixed expenses down as much as you can.”.

I’m sure NASCAR in Chicago will fix everything. That government could be given all of the gold bars in Fort Knox and they’d be broke again next month.

Biden’s America: Rent soaring, no apartments available. “Inflation Reduction Act” price hikes on Electric Vehicles, and a meaner nastier IRS.

In my neck of the woods, in Illinois, the rent is soaring.

In much of the country, it’s the same story.

It’s soaring because there are no apartments available. As soon as they’re listed, they’re gone .

I’ve been watching in horror as our landlord keeps jacking up the prices of all of his units across town. They’re not exactly the most upscale units, and the price has gone up roughly 11% in the past 8 or 9 months.

It seems like the worse things get, the worse things get.

I figure he’ll probably hike ours at least this much and it’s just going to have to be another winter without heat.

The gasoline, the groceries, the rent. The left is taking a victory lap.

I actually had some Democrats tell me, the other day, that “expensive gasoline is good” because it will force people to use less.

But like living in an apartment, you just have to dig deeper and pay whatever it costs.

It’s not going to help the environment. In fact, it’s just going to cause the Democrats their biggest election losses in a midterm in my lifetime. Who do you think will cut emissions from anything then?

The Republican Party?

I’m getting angrier by the minute about all of this inflation, and I’m not alone.

While liberals are taking victory laps because the poor are being forced out of their homes, with nothing to eat, and no way to get to work, they have no idea how much they’re setting themselves back. It’s coming.

A Democrat(ic Socialist) Senator said that he was supporting the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act”, because “it may be a very long time before we’re in a position to pass anything at all again”.

That Senator? Bernie Sanders.

He sees what’s coming. The Democrat voters do not.

They think that with inflation rising by over 11% that people are going to stick around and tolerate their wasteful inflation spending due to some issue that’s maybe 5th or 6th on the mind of everyday voters, such as abortion.

Most people don’t really care what happens regarding abortion. At this point, it’s like maybe #5 on my list.

If you had asked me if I cared about abortion years before this mess, it might have been 2 or 3.

If anyone asked me what the other 4 issues plaguing our country are I’d say inflation, jobs, the overall economy, and healthcare.

Abortion as its own issue might be #5 right now. Yes, my spouse is an immigrant, but we’ll get through what’s coming before Trump’s back, and it’s harder to undo what’s been done than it is to change things for people coming in after us. I apologize for that, I really do.

But I can’t sit here and deal with this.

What has Biden done for us? Nothing.

The IRS is looking for people who made a little money walking dogs and got paid with PayPal so they can keep up with the damned landlord, but they don’t usually landlords. The landlord has the money to lawyer up and hire accountants to fight them.

In fact, the counties the IRS is most likely to do a tax audit in are poor and black.

“American Rescue Plan”

With the money raised by a bigger nastier IRS that audits poor black people in Tupelo, Biden spends an obscene amount of money subsidizing expensive electric cars for rich people in his new “Inflation Reduction Act”.

The problem I’m having with Biden is he hasn’t accomplished anything that helps my family.

Rents in Chicago going up 25% isn’t a help.

Food going up 11% per year isn’t a help.

$5 gas isn’t a help.

At the state level, things are even worse.

Governor J.B. Pritzker says the state of Illinois is helping, because it temporarily suspended, for six months, a 9 cent per gallon automatic increase on gasoline, which will go into effect immediately after the election, along with another one in January of about 10% of the total gas tax amount.

Oh, also the state suspended, for a year, a 1% tax on groceries.

And he’s trying to buy your vote by refunding $50 of your own tax money that the state stole from you last year, next month apparently.

I don’t know how fast paychecks are rising, but it sure as hell hasn’t been 11% around here. All of that Biden funny money swirling around out there has things going crazy and they act like sending the IRS out to mug a dog walker of their PayPal money so they can pay a person pulling down six figures money they don’t need to buy an EV is going to fix everything.

Predictably, right after the Inflation Reduction Act passed with the $7,500 and no limit government tax credits per EV, the manufacturers announced that EV prices would go up between $6,000 and $8,500, citing “battery costs”.

Of course, they waited until a couple days after the Senate passed the bill with the tax credit. This money isn’t benefiting consumers. It’s an auto industry bailout.

It probably won’t spur widespread adoption of EVs.

I certainly can’t afford an EV. Most people who are seeing 10-25% annual hikes in their core expenses can’t. Can you? The only people who benefit from this are Ford and GM executives and wealthy people who could already buy a new car if they wanted to, despite everything that’s going on.

We’re already stuck in an apartment from 1973 that smells like musty old books from years of neglect and crappy plumbing overflowing all of the sinks and bathtubs, and if things get any worse, we won’t be able to afford to live at all.

The government has done nothing except make my life worse and figured out new and exciting ways to screw me at every turn and angle, and now of course Governor Fat Bastard and Biden are here to save the day with more inflation and more welfare programs that we just barely don’t qualify for.

Wouldn’t you know it?

These greedy landlords had already been pressuring their tenants to do things like sending them money on PayPal and marking it “personal payment”. I was reading an article on Reddit a while back where a woman said her landlord was threatening to throw her out of she didn’t, and admitted that he wanted her to do this so that he wouldn’t have to “claim it as rental income on my taxes”.

Sure, it’s hearsay, but I’ve known landlords that are that stupid, and that corrupt.

They think the IRS will never catch on that they have buildings full of people “living there for free” while sending them $1,500 a month for “no reason”.

But I think that everyone should avoid PayPal for this new 1099-K reporting requirement that was in the “American Rescue Plan”. The IRS doesn’t penalize financial institutions for over-reporting on a 1099-K, so even if your mother is sending you $500 for spotting her a payment on her Medicare premiums, and you’re cashing out grocery rebates (which are also non-taxable), the IRS might get a 1099-K because the easiest thing for PayPal to do with it is to send the IRS more information than they need and let you sort it out if you get audited later.

The IRS has been ramping up hiring and lowering reporting thresholds. Banks now have to report it if you put $600 in your Online Savings Account from your other bank’s checking account.

I mean, it’s all kinds of crazy shit? Right?

The lowering of reporting thresholds from $10,000 or $20,000 to $600 shows that the intent of the new Regulations are to find people of modest means and send them out nasty letters demanding money.

Money that they’ll use to prop up some rich jackass’s new Tesla purchase.

Illinois DCFS kills one child every month while investigating parents for allowing kids to walk the dog.

Illinois DCFS kills one child every month while investigating parents for allowing kids to walk the dog in the front yard.

WGN TV: Public guardian: 8 kids dead in 8 months, despite DCFS involvement

Web / Gemini (NewsWaffle)

Illinois Policy: State agency investigates Illinois mom for letting 8-year-old walk dog around block

Web / Gemini (NewsWaffle)

I think one can reasonably argue that the kids are dead due to DCFS, which was found in contempt by a state judge and is still in contempt of court today, months later.

I think that there’s something poetic about the State holding itself in contempt 12 times. I mean, nothing happens because the State can’t punish itself. How does a State that has no money except what it stole from me and my spouse and millions of other Illinoisans fine itself? Where does the money it takes from itself even go? This is the kind of bullshit that only happens in government. When the judge throws the director of DCFS in prison for contempt until things start getting better or he resigns, I’ll be impressed. Until then, what is even the point?

None of this should be a surprise. Illinois is managing child services as effectively as the State Police manage gun control (the FOID Act) and as effectively as they’re managing the roads. Letting us drive over pot craters while they’re busy causing an 11 year traffic jam at US 41 and Grand Avenue in Gurnee, because it will “help with climate change”.

Paying some corrupt contractor to dig holes in the ground and fill them back in does wonders for the climate. In fact, Biden should just have them go dig us a second Grand Canyon somewhere. It’ll solve the climate issues and we get a new tourist destination, which is what I call a win-win.

I agree with Richard Stallman sometimes, jogging back to the issue about the kid walking the dog. When I was a kid, I went absolutely anywhere I wanted to, including biking down a state highway to the next city over sometimes, which was about 8 or 9 miles. Nobody cared as long as I was back before dark. I had a dog. Sometimes the dog liked to go on really long walks with me through a gigantic field that was a ways from the house. Sometimes the dog would keep walking with me down Main Street through the entire town, and clear into the park.

In Chicago, there are parks where the city put one there to be politically correct, but the neighborhood is so bad there are no children playing. This is a terrible shame, that the Democrats allow Chicago to be so dangerous while they abolished the Death Sentence and shut down prisons and parole the Charles Mansons of Illinois.

I recently watched the movie The Black Phone. In Illinois, if the police captured “The Grabber” alive, the stupid judges would give him 30 days in Lake County jail and then even if he did go to prison, Pritzker’s parole board would take care of that and find him a nice halfway house in Chicago somewhere.

Things down at the parole board got so bad that Governor Pritzker couldn’t even get his own nominee past his own party, which controls over 70% of both chambers of the legislature.

But my experience with freedom as a child was Indiana in the 1990s. Illinois is a cesspit. It’s always going to be a cesspit until the people wake up and vote the bastards out.

My letter to the Lake County, Illinois State’s Attorney, Eric Rinehart, about the Highland Park Shooter.

I sent this to Eric Rinehart, the State’s Attorney of Lake County, over Facebook Messenger.

Hi Eric. I’d just like to comment, as a voter, on your speech the other day on the news.

Laws do not matter when nobody enforces them, or when they are enforced on the whim of government bureaucrats.

As Robert Crimo III demonstrated, the FOID Act failed everyone that day, as it normally does.

The police first lied and said that they didn’t ever have any contact with him, then changed their story when they were discovered.

Not once, but twice, in 2019, they were called out because he was threatening to kill himself and then “everyone”, and they thought enough of it to remove many knives, swords, daggers, etc. from the house, however… his dad sponsored him for a FOID Card after these events, and the Illinois State Police issued him one.

My question to you and the Illinois State Police is what good is the FOID Act if they gave Robert Crimo III a FOID Card knowing what he had done? When will the next guy who had an active FOID Card after something like those incidents had already happened strike?

Unfortunately, Illinois has no death sentence, so it will be impossible for Crimo III to be brought to the justice he so rightly deserves and has earned.

But the police are culpable for issuing him a FOID card, and you should charge those police officers with criminal negligence leading to the mass shooting.

Also, it should be a crime for the police to lie to the public over and over. They do it every day without consequence, and they do it in court too. George Carlin was dead on when he said “To protect, to serve, and to lie in court whenever it helps the state convict you.”.

I’ve had the police introduce lies in court against me twice in Illinois. I mentioned this to Kevin when he was my defense attorney and he just brushed it off.

Then again when they showed up approximately 45 minutes after a fender bender and let a guy with no license, no insurance, and his passenger who was on parole in Wisconsin leave, and issued me a ticket. Apparently, they can do that based on telepathically divining what happened from 5 miles away? Very nice. I defeated that traffic citation because Beavis and Butthead never showed up and the police didn’t actually witness anything.

This is truly a depraved place.

Maybe there ought to be a law against the police making false statements to the public. Unfortunately, if nobody stops them from perjuring themselves over and over in court every day, it’s doubtful anyone cares about their repeated gaslighting at press conferences.

In 2019, I tried to take my spouse to a July 4th festival at Navy Pier and we were nearly trampled to death by a crowd when juvenile delinquents tossed fireworks into the crowd, causing them to panic. Since then, every year when he wants to go do something, I tell him “No. It’s Illinois. Remember what happened in Chicago?” This year I told him the same thing.

It’s almost predictable that something will happen based on where we live. We know not what or exactly where, but we know that in the state with the strictest gun laws, we’re less safe than if we left and went to live in Indiana.

And that’s a problem for the narrative that “gun laws save lives”, in my opinion.

It didn’t save anyone on that horrific day. It doesn’t save anyone in Chicago on any day.

It’s basically the optical delusion of having accomplished something.

If you’re a gun owner in Illinois, don’t put your FOID card behind your driver’s license. Bonus: Highland Park Mass Shooting

If you’re a gun owner in Illinois, don’t put your FOID card behind your driver’s license.

I recently had an exchange of emails with Richard Stallman over the absurdity of gun control laws.

Some issues came up where I poked truck-sized holes in his arguments in favor of gun control, which obviously none of that has been working in Chicago, but aside from this I mentioned who the police are actually harassing in Illinois. Legal gun owners who have a FOID card.

Like that Navy veteran who started carrying.

He had a FOID card but not an active CCL. He previously had a CCL, but he said it cost too much to keep renewing, so he just kept the guns in his house and had a FOID card.

Then he had to do UberEats because of the shitty economy, and he kept getting approached and harassed by Chicago street criminals.

So he started carrying again with a FOID but no CCL.

When he got pulled over for a minor traffic issue, he pulled out his driver’s license.

His FOID was behind the license.

The cop saw the FOID and asked if he had a gun in the car.

He told the cop yes, and then the cop charged him with a felony for not having the CCL.

His life was ruined and he now has a felony record even though he was never going to harm anyone.

The state of Illinois took an honorably discharged Navy veteran who was dismayed by the crime and the 2 hour and 6 minute average police response time in his Chicago neighborhood, and tried to protect himself, and made him totally unemployable, using a law meant to go after “dangerous criminals”, or so we are told.

When I read that, I moved the FOID card out from behind my driver’s license and put it behind my health insurance card instead.

I said, “That’s a good point. If the cop sees your FOID during a traffic stop, they might pull what they did with this poor fellow.”.

And who needs more police harassment over exercising a civil right which is theoretically guaranteed by our nation’s highest law?

People like Richard Stallman have placed entirely too much trust into institutions that have shown repeatedly that they don’t deserve it and either won’t fix anything or are designed to actively resist fixing things.

Instead of simplistically suggesting that a ban on guns will solve violent crime, what they should be saying is that most crime springs from giving people nothing to lose and all day standing around to get angrier about it, like mass poverty and unemployment.

Capitalism wants unemployment. Can’t exist without it.

When the government says it wants full employment, what it really means is it wants a minimum of five percent unemployment. Minimum. If there aren’t enough where you came from, you might demand to be paid more for your labor.

Going back to angry young men, the mass shooting this morning at the July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois is another example of why there’s nothing to celebrate in a country that turns its back on citizens, rules from the alleged Supreme Court that women are a uterus with legs, and proposes additional taxes on people without kids (which was an actual policy in the Soviet Union of all places), and leaves everyone to fend for themselves. Not just with unemployment and poverty, but when you get cancer or something.

The two dozen people who survived will start getting a parade…..of hospital bills easily hitting hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Happy ‘Murrica Day!

Being shot and killed or left with millions in hospital bills trying to celebrate a country that threw them overboard thirty years ago is a sad thing indeed.

About as ironic is the Mexican family next door that Trump and his racist thugs that voted for him were trying to get rid of just 18 months ago shooting off fireworks all last night.

You can’t go anywhere these days without being shot at or something, in a state with the toughest gun laws in America.

The police came out after it was too late, to stand around for photo ops in their body armor with their machine guns, just like Uvalde.

To go along with this shit show where the police are locking down a majority White and wealthy Chicago suburb and going door to door and shutting down the Metra, is when at least this much happens in Chicago every single day, and nothing happens….no lockdowns, no manhunts….no Biden….no feds.

The police show up and count the shell casings each time in Chicago and then the news says “We’ll report on it in one run when there’s sixty bodies total at the end of the weekend.”.

This is mostly because they’re not wealthy and White down there like they are in Highland Park, so nobody makes a big stink about it in Chicago.

Even my mom said, “There are kids being shot in Highland Park!”.

I said, “There’s kids being hit in the head by stray bullets while doing their homework in Chicago!”.

This is what happens. This media circus about White people getting shot in Highland Park made the national news and got a direct response from Biden, and will go on and on for weeks, and the police are working it because they can’t just wring their hands since it was White people face down on the sidewalk.

I have also noticed that a similar phenomenon happens when people go missing. It’s a country of over 300 million people. Lots go missing all the time.

The media circus and phone alerts (which I finally got annoyed enough about to turn off) happens when they’re White and a woman, leading to me sneering about it on the news Web sites as “Oh great, another Missing White Woman Alert.”.

It’s not that people in the US don’t care, it’s that we’re burned out. We have to endure so many ignorant people putting so many ignorant politicians in office, that don’t want to be seen doing nothing, so they do the wrong thing (Democrats), or don’t want to lift people out of poverty either because they don’t want to spend the money (Republicans) or because they spend the money creating poverty traps in order to get voters (Democrats). In the end, it really is the same thing, isn’t it?

I noted the other day on TechRights that the more you fight to get ahead in this country, the more they suck you back down into the gutter. You go to college to earn more money, and many people end up paying more in loans than the difference between some low wage job and their new career. You pick up hours, you lose your health insurance subsidy from the government. You get a little more money this month, there went the help with your food and light bill. You have savings? That just means you get inflation and garnishment creditors and lost that.

It’s horrible. And I’ve tried to point that out, but the problem is that most people you can point it out to stepped into it themselves and can’t get back out and don’t want anyone reminding them of the problems they’re facing, so things go on pretty much unchanged.

Texas Police Lieutenant explains they didn’t immediately go into the school because the police might have been shot.

I posted yesterday that the police were mostly to blame for the school shooting in Uvalde, TX claiming so many victims while they stood outside and did nothing for nearly an hour.

Now, the police admit that’s exactly what happened, and that they were afraid to go in because they might have been shot.

The one thing the left and the right appear to agree on is that the police are heroes. They’re not. They’re cowards. Their only goal here was to contain the situation while people inside the building continued to be murdered.

The left thinks we don’t need to open carry because the police will protect us.

Well, here’s why you’re wrong.

The right worships the ground the cops walk on.

Well, here’s why you’re wrong.

There are some towns in America where it’s the law that everyone except the disabled, the mentally ill, and convicted felons have to have a gun in the house or open carry, and there’s not really all that much crime going on there.

People know what happens if you crawl into someone’s window at night to rape and kill them and then make off with their stuff.

In contrast, Chicago has everything you can have short of a complete ban on guns, and even then, only due to the Supreme Court not allowing it. They had a handgun ban before the Supreme Court struck it down.

Chicago had the complete gun ban for over forty years, if I recall correctly, and they were some of the most violent years in Chicago history.

They even had “no go” areas around the public housing because anyone who got near them would be shot at by the gangs.

The cities and states with “everything but a gun ban” have way more crime. Suicide is also just as high or higher than it is in states with lots of guns.

When the waiting periods and the FOID cards and everything went into effect in Illinois, people just started walking in front of the commuter trains instead.

The liberals aren’t fixing any of the problems here. They’re just disarming the good guys and shunting all of the suicides, which happen anyway, into some other method.

But you can explain this to people until you’re blue in the face, and it doesn’t help, because they’re determined to be wrong.

We need open constitutional carry and stand your ground, and it’s because the bad guys get whatever they want and you can’t trust the police.

In Chicago, they literally knock over Illinois National Guard armories and military trains. The gangs have weapons intended for wars, even though they’ve been “completely banned” in Illinois, and the Democrats say you should try to fend them off with pepper spray and a baseball bat when they come for you.

With regards to the school shooting, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is a “sick bastard” unworthy of elected office, who projects against Beto O’Rourke.

With regards to the school shooting, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is a “sick bastard” who projects against Beto O’Rourke, who is challenging him for the Governor’s office in this year’s election.

Beto O’Rourke deserves to be the governor of Texas, because Greg Abbott is a sad sick little man, and a liar.

O’Rourke confronted Governor Abbott at Abbott’s shitshow of a press conference after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas to shout that the governor wasn’t doing a damned thing.

Governor Abbott’s Lt. Governor, the dishonorable Dan Patrick, called O’Rourke a “sick son of a bitch”.

The entire reason for the Abbott/Patrick press conference was to engage in “whataboutisms” worthy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, such as “What about Chicago?”.

Yeah, what about it? Criminals buy guns from states with loose gun laws, like Indiana and Wisconsin, bring them here, sell them to other criminals, and people still get shot.

What do you want us to do?

Then after the parade of whataboutisms, the Governor went on to blame “mentally ill” people, when there’s no sign the gunman was diagnosed with any mental illness, and when mentally ill people generally are not violent.

Then after gaslighting and whataboutism, the Governor proceeded to ignore the facts that the gunman posted a lot on social media about his plans to murder the 18 children and their 2 teachers.

Then the school police officers didn’t subject him to security screenings or confront him, and that the shootings went on for over FORTY MINUTES before they stopped, with the cops, like a lot of cops, standing right there and letting him do it.

What this really shows is that law enforcement in the United States tends not to be worth a warm pitcher of piss when the chips are on the table, and that the Republican Party has no answers, only gaslighting and whataboutism, and is unfit to lead the State of Texas.

To anyone in Texas who is reading this, please vote for Beto O’Rourke.

I’m sure he won’t be perfect, but he’d have to try to be worse than the pieces of shit, Abbott and Patrick.

Nobody in the Republican Party will stand up to the police, who do nothing to protect even the children, while Abbott and Patrick yammer on about fertilized embryos, while their cold dead hearts ignore real children being murdered while the cops stand there and do nothing.

Nobody in the Republican Party will even dare to say boo to the NRA. In fact, The Loser of the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump, is still making a speech at the NRA convention, which they didn’t even have the decency to postpone, and guns will be banned at the convention while The Loser is speaking there.

This is a disgrace.

The fact that the Republican Party nominates such people, wins elections, or is even tolerated at all with this bullshit is a disgrace.

We need to do so much better than this.

The problem here isn’t really the guns, it’s not the mentally ill, it’s not Chicago.

It’s the police not doing their jobs.

Why would they? They do their job, they risk something. They don’t do their job, nothing happens to them.

Capital One and MasterCard make final ruling in my favor against Batteries Plus Bulbs, but where did Chargebacks come from?

Capital One and MasterCard made a final ruling in my favor against Batteries Plus Bulbs after the merchant chose to go ahead and accept it, but where did Chargebacks come from?

I wrote yesterday that Capital One and MasterCard ruled in my favor in my dispute against Batteries Plus Bulbs for “service not rendered”, but where did Chargebacks come from?

Before the mid-1970s in the United States, credit cards existed, but they were not widely used or accepted.

Practically anyone who got your card or just the number could charge anything they wanted to it, and you wouldn’t know they did until you got the bill at the end of the month, and there was no way to object to any of it.

This led to massive fraud against cardholders at the time, because merchants would say your total came to one amount and then sneak other charges and fees onto your card later, and they’d slide it through a machine that used carbon paper to make a copy of the raised numbers that the cards back then had on them.

Sometimes more than one billing cycle would go by before people could even see a charge go on their cards, and so with anyone being able to copy and use their numbers, it was often impossible to tell which store had defrauded them or given their card information to scammers, even if they kept meticulous transaction records.

So credit cards were used by few people, for major purchases, and then it was uncommon to even carry them with you.

If you paid in cash, the most that could happen is the merchant cheated you, but the losses would be stopped at the amount of cash you handed them.

The Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974 changes everything.

The card industry wanted more people to accept their cards, and they knew people were hesitant to use them because the losses could be severe and potentially unlimited if they did, so they petitioned the Congress to create the Chargeback procedure in 1974, by law.

Since Chargebacks were created, cards have generally been safer than cash. If a thief steals your card, you dispute the transactions and you’re not liable for the fraud. If you had lost cash, you’d have lost all the cash.

Also, today it is very easy to see what transactions are coming through on your credit cards, in real time, and know immediately if you need to take action on a given item.

With cards, if a merchant bills you and then never sends you the goods, or the goods are shoddy or delivered in an unacceptable state, you have options, and can respond immediately, without going to court, to deal with petty disputes.

Today, credit cards are an excellent way to mitigate your losses as a consumer.

You need evidence, but it’s easier than going to court, and you can get your money back if you persist.

In my case against the Batteries Plus store in Gurnee, Illinois, I filed a Chargeback because I bought a service, the merchant performed it incompetently, and the end result was that the service I paid for was unusable. After a 6 week process of pursuing a Chargeback, the bank ruled for me and the merchant admitted that they couldn’t maintain their case that the “goods and services were delivered in good condition” anymore.

While the Chargeback is a weapon in the consumer’s arsenal that protects them from fraud and underhanded merchants, it must never be abused.

If you file many Chargebacks and the bank rules that they were without merit, they could start sanctioning you.

The reason why I’ve never had to file one before is that I know that they’re intended to be used as a last resort before you have to give up and sue somebody.

You should never go off half-cocked with these. You must be prepared to show the bank the proof.

In this case:

  1. I tried to get the merchant to repair the product and he made things worse.
  2. I then tried to ask for a refund to be initiated by the merchant, so that I could have my money back, and he wouldn’t be damaged by losing a Chargeback and dispute fees to his store, and he refused, and openly threatened and verbally abused me over the phone.
  3. I then had to incur additional expenses to make the product work right, including paying a Buick dealer to perform the exact same service.
  4. The Buick dealer wrote a letter for me to give to the bank stating that there was nothing wrong with my car, and it would not accept the programming that the Batteries Plus store attempted to perform on it because he did it wrong and sold incompatible parts.

I’ve had to assist in filing Chargebacks for an ex before, but those were different cases, so I already knew generally what the process was.

In his case,

  1. In 2016, when we lived in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago, he was mugged. The mugger got away with his phone and his debit card. I filed a chargeback for approximately $46 that the man was able to charge to that card before I could freeze all of John’s accounts. John got his $46 back from the bank.
  2. John dropped his credit card and didn’t notice when he was paying for a coffee at the airport he worked at (Midway, the Dunkin’ Donuts on the Midway Orange Line station stop.). Later in the day, someone picked it up and went to eat at Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant, and charged $156 to the card. I filed a “stolen credit card” dispute against the transaction and won after providing the bank with a police report where John stated how he lost the card.
  3. In 2017 (I think) we ordered a Nintendo Switch for John. I found a good price at B&H Photo in New York City. I asked for “signature required” on the invoice so that UPS couldn’t drop it off to be stolen on our doorstep in Roger’s Park. UPS ignored the “signature required” part and dropped it off. It got stolen. I asked B&H Photo to replace it, they told me no. I disputed it and B&H Photo sent Capital One a letter accusing John of keeping the Switch, lying in his statement that it had been stolen, and other things in their “re-presentment”. I appealed the re-presentment with evidence that UPS never required a signature, and Capital One ruled in favor of John. We then bought a Nintendo Switch at Target.

In both cases where I had to respond to a re-presentment, Batteries Plus Bulbs in Gurnee, Illinois in my case, and B&H Photo in New York City with John, my ex, the merchants replied by lying and slandering the consumer.

I don’t know if this is typical or not, but it happened with B&H Photo and Batteries Plus Bulbs.

I think what may be the case is that merchants hate Chargebacks, they just don’t want to lose because there are consequences for losing them that go way beyond being forced by the bank to refund the customer the amount of the dispute, and so merchants develop this “throw mud at the customer even if it’s lies and slander, and see what sticks”.

I’ve heard that merchants end up losing about 4 out of every 5 Chargeback cases. Some are obviously pissed and are willing to get downright nasty about it.

There are things that merchants can do if they want to head off Chargebacks at the pass.

Provide excellent customer service.

“The customer is always right.”

If you refund a small amount of money and go your separate ways when you know inside your heart that you’re wrong and can’t make the situation right, it will build rapport with your customers.

They will come back and spend more of their money at your store and tell their friends to go there because you were a big enough person to admit you were wrong and make them whole again.

On the other hand, if you scream at them, refuse to help, and say you’re keeping their money and don’t come back or you’ll have them charged with trespassing, then don’t be surprised when you get slapped with a Chargeback.

Then when they’re done with that, they’re going to get on all of the review Web sites and make sure everyone knows you’re a crook who cheated them and who doesn’t stand by your products and won’t give them their money back. Which would you rather have happen?

Listen to your customers when they tell you to do something.

If a customer says they want Signature Required on their delivery, then select Signature Required on the delivery.

There’s no use doing what B&H Photo did to us and complaining about it later when something goes missing and the customer can show where they requested Signature Required and also that you sent the shipment without it, and UPS can’t say what happened to it because you wanted to save a dollar or two when you shipped it.

In fact, if you’re smart, you’ll just make signature requirement on delivery mandatory when an order exceeds a threshold in dollar value beyond which you aren’t comfortable risking.

If you own a store that takes credit cards, train your cashiers and waiters to require Photo ID to accept the card, and document which ID it was in your files.

That way, if a credit card is stolen, you don’t have to eat the Chargeback later, and if a customer eats there, pays, and then tries to Chargeback and claim it wasn’t them, you can prove that they’re pulling something on the bank.

In none of my examples, were we at fault.

Had the merchants behaved better and developed and implemented simple effective policies to avoid dealing with pissed off customers and Chargebacks, none of the examples I’ve given would have ever happened.

But I suppose for Batteries Plus Bulbs and B&H Photo, they think it’s easy to be crooked and sloppy and then lie and defame their customers later, in a failed attempt to slime their way out of the resulting case.

And you know what? They lost. So it didn’t work.

The websites offering your business “Chargeback handling” want your money, so they’ll never give you great advice on how to stop it from happening. If they did, your business would have more money because you wouldn’t have so many Chargebacks, and you wouldn’t have to pay them to represent you after you screwed up.