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Mom is not amused with CNN.

Mom is not amused with CNN.

She says that the nuns at the nursing home are being terrorized by CNN.

Like, they’re in their room seeing January 6th over and over again every day for nearly two years now and nothing new is even happening about it.

It’s just Democrats on a panel that can’t even do anything, who are about to lose the House, making noise in the run up to an election.

And CNN is just playing the tape over and over to scare people who are 100 years old and in a nursing home.

I told her “Cable news does this. There isn’t enough actual news to fill a 24 hour day so they just fill it with something. Most of the time they were reporting on COVID, there was nothing new to report, but they were traumatizing people.”.

It’s not even just CNN. Fox does the same thing to Republicans.

They did it with 9/11 too. Remember?

When they ran out of 9/11 stuff, they did two years of Fox News telling everyone the terrorists were going to set off a “radioactive dirty bomb”, just over and over.

And me, when I was younger, I figured it wouldn’t be on the news unless this was something the government had actual “intelligence” about and that it could happen any minute.

Largely because news when I was a child had always been dry, fact-based, and somewhat respectable, I didn’t realize that this was all bullshit designed to glue you to the TV. That we were in a post-news era after 9/11, and that the news would never come back.

There was no dirty bomb. There never was going to be a dirty bomb.

And now it’s January 6.

Unfortunately, when the news isn’t traumatizing people who can’t even do anything about the thing, when the situation hasn’t even changed in months regarding the thing, they also turn to utter bullshit that doesn’t matter.

Last night, mom was talking about something her Republican half-brother repeated on Facebook (which doesn’t matter and is failing) about “Gen Z” being “offended” by a thumbs up emoji.

So I ran a search, and it turns out it led back to the New York Post, a right-wing rag aimed at Boomers. And their source was one 24 year old on Reddit, which also doesn’t matter.

At least the nun that came to her in a panic was watching a video about rioters. Not a story about a single 24 year old man on Reddit who was offended by an emoji, so blame the whole generation.

Boomers seem to alternate between living in craven fear of the world, followed by being offended by stuff, then being offended about being offended about stuff.

The “news” says Long COVID can include psychotic breaks with reality and dementia. How will we notice in this country?

Journalism is dead. Now it’s just “some idiot on TikTok says” this or a Bill Gates puff piece.

There’s been an even bigger drop in quality of “the news” lately.

Consider that with all of the disasters going on in the world, these three things came up on my phone.

I’ve “enhanced” the headlines.

TikTok Karen didn’t get her vegan meal on an airline flight.

Crazy Texas Karen says don’t watch Hocus Pocus 2 because they’ll put a spell on you through the TV. (And now you’re mine!)

Bill Gates is frustrated that people who aren’t Bill Gates won’t eat bugs and totally give up on having a home to solve “climate change”.

I mean. This is f***ing bullshit and the people posting it should be fired. Finding a news story is getting to be a real chore these days.

The Web is crap. It’s all crap all the time. With GeminiSpace being the size of the Web (by page and site count) in 1996, I wonder if the real people will just all ultimately end up there.

Theoretically we could pack up our BitTorrent sites (or at least mirror the magnet links) and take them with us, since it’s the only major part of the Web worth using that still seems to be standing.

The Bill Gates article was pretty bizarre. He started openly fantasizing about remaking the United States of America into something where the average person has the living standard of North Korea. That’s been underway since about 1999.

The United Nations was talking, openly, about how they’d inflict third world living standards on everyone in a rich country within the next 30 years or so, and nobody paid attention, and this is what you get. They said people who warned this would happened were talking about a bunch of paranoid mumbo jumbo and….have you taken a look out there lately?

I suppose the advantage of living in North Korea is that they’re walled off from the global Internet and don’t have to hear a news story that appears on a dozen different sites about Bill Gates and how his morning shit went.

Trevor Noah leaves The Daily Show and there’s nobody left watching it who cares.

Trevor Noah leaves The Daily Show and there’s nobody left watching it who cares.

He already took a much loved comedy news program with high ratings and turned it into The Daily Two Minutes of Hate Against White People.

Oh, and he’s not funny.

I pretty much stopped watching the show a few episodes in unless it accidentally came on the TV when I was living in the hotel and he was after South Park or something.

The guy is just such a colossal racist idiot that he completely managed to destroy the show that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert spent years making great.

I have no explanation for how Trevor Noah managed to stay on for 7 years except possibly Affirmative Action or something.

Any White person who took over the show and went after Blacks the way he went after Whites would have been shit-canned in less than a week, and he spent a good part of 2020 making excuses for why looters had to set people’s cars on fire and steal big screen televisions.

My spouse was an International Student, and his liberal college professor forced them all to read Trevor Noah’s grievance politics.

Noah is privileged. He’s not broke. He has enough money in his bank account that he never has to work again if he doesn’t want to, and part of his wealth is from students being forced to read him as part of a leftist indoctrination program.

This bitter and sad little man won’t be missed, but who is left watching? Cable TV subscribers have been fleeing 2+ million cancellations per year, and it’s pretty much down to people who watch the sports package.

It’s doubtful that anyone could resurrect the formula that made The Daily Show successful after the shit that Trevor Noah pulled.

The place where all the late night comedy/news action is now, is on HBO, where John Oliver (also from The Daily Show) went.

Trevor Noah is one of those people fanning the “The World Owes Me Something Because I’m Here” flames and setting back race relations in America. Unfortunately, those sorts have gained the upper hand.

Look, nobody is saying that there hasn’t been some crazy messed up shit in American history, but acting as-if only Americans can be racist or cruel, or have a sordid history is disingenuous to say the least.

John Oliver himself just got done roasting his own country, the United Kingdom, for looting and plundering the world to fill its museums and how their politicians are so condescending that they claim, in a typical “polite” British fashion, of course, that the (mostly African) countries they stole it all from are too poor, dumb, and irresponsible (for allowing themselves to be looted?) to be “trusted” to have their own national property back.

Oliver makes excellent points. He backs up his assertions by citing the evidence, and he does not make any claims that his own culture didn’t do terrible things in history that need to be repaired to the furthest reasonable extent today.

The world is full of countries that are more racist and evil, at least historically, than America, but they get no flak for it because people think they’re “cute” or “nice” or something.

Consider Canada. They have Immigration policies that are nastier than Trump on his worst day.

They murdered and slaughtered and raped the natives, and mass buried them, and built schools for White children on the graves. I mean, talk about fucked up.

But all you hear about Canada is how liberal they are, while they are literally trying to sue the United States for shutting down their tar sands oil pipeline.

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

While you can gain ground in public opinion over years of making arguments and changing political atmospheres, nobody likes a whiner.

No, you’re not “entitled” to loot and burn my car because you “don’t like what a cop did”.

Do I look like a cop? I’ve been treated terribly by law enforcement numerous times, and I’m not Black. I wish I could go into more detail (and maybe I will very soon), but I’m at least as horrified by the police as anyone else.

The police drove Ian Murdock to suicide by hanging with about the same sort of things that they did to me.

However, Justice was done in the case of Derek Chauvin, who is going to be in prison until at least 2038 already, and he’s about to go on trial yet again on 9 felony counts of tax evasion and failure to report income.

I mean, you piss off the government, you piss off everyone in the country, bad things happen. They start digging up anything they can. I was pissed at what I saw. They had no right to do that, and I’m glad they were punished.

But the riots in 2020 were never about Derek Chauvin and the other officers, and George Floyd.

It was about the fact that government in America has failed and there has been a breakdown of law and order that has made such a thing even possible. Our courts have failed as badly as our democracy has failed.

But “Comedy” Central had this stupid asshole, Trevor Noah, on The Daily Show, making it all so much worse by repeatedly excusing criminal conduct that was inexcusable, and as he was fanning the flames, “Comedy” Central kept him on the air. People may have died _because_ Trevor Noah took the side of the rioters and made them feel justified.

In the Chicago suburb I live in, half the businesses on my side of town were vandalized and looted, including a local grocery chain ran and largely staffed by Hispanic/Latino people, and the cops pretty much just sat there and watched it and did nothing.

In Chicago, it was worse. They put the bridges up to try to stop the lootings. Small Black and immigrant-owned businesses got torn up, many didn’t even bother to reopen.

One reason Chicago is such a “stinking hellhole” (as Gubernatorial Candidate Darren Bailey put it) is because only the criminals there are well armed.

They ignore the gun laws, so they have guns. Simple as that. However many guns they want. Illegally modified guns. Machine guns. Guns with no serial numbers. Whatever they want.

They know the gun laws lower the odds their victims will be armed. In many cases, they send 10 and 12 year olds out to carjack people, because the court system isn’t going to do anything to a 10 year old, which has already been instructed as to what will happen if they cooperate with the police.

The solution to this problem is dismantling the crime at the source. Not hiding behind the word “Racism” because you know that nobody wants to even touch that.

I am not sad to see Trevor Noah go away. Hopefully, we never hear from him again.

The Illinois State (Thought) Police raid thousands of people to confiscate guns under the unconstitutional FOID Act.

The Illinois State (thought) Police raided thousands of people to confiscate guns under the unconstitutional FOID Act. (And they’ll do it again.)

They raid thousands of people and the best they can come up with to parade around in the media is that they didn’t need warrants because they found one guy with explosives. Which gives them the right to trample the Constitutional rights of lots of people?

The guy with explosives is a real brainer because you can’t get a permit for those anyway because they’re illegal, so how did that happen?

And there’s no reason they couldn’t have taken their evidence against him to a judge to get a search warrant except for the usual “We’re the state and we’ll do whatever we damned well please to you at any time.”.

Some of them had “restraining orders”. But a restraining order doesn’t make a person dangerous.

A woman in Nevada got a restraining order against David Letterman once for “sending psychic messages” through her television set.

The judge said the restraining order was put in place against David Letterman, “Because she filled out the forms correctly.”.

Many scumbag shyster divorce attorneys suggest hitting your ex-spouse with restraining orders to make them look bad in divorce court.

There’s also no guarantee that the state will protect you if you have one because the US Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that “the police have no duty to protect any member of the public” even if the cops are standing right there.

I recall watching a YouTube video about a man in New York City was stabbed repeatedly and had to fight off his own attacker while he was being stabbed, and half a dozen cops in NYC were standing three feet away doing nothing to help. There are similar stories in the news all the time. Some people die while the cops watch and don’t help.

Restraining orders do tell the person you claim to be afraid of where you’re at, and if they come to commit a felony, they will also commit a misdemeanor. Only a person with the mind of a lawyer could think these deter crime. Restraining orders piss the person getting one off and tell them where you’re at. They also have months before the Illinois State Thought Police come out to enforce a FOID revocation.

If they’re going to go nuclear, the raids aren’t going to stop them.

You don’t have to do anything bad to lose your Second Amendment Constitutional Rights.

You just have to live in one of the shittiest states in America (all Democrat-operated), or have some nutcase or an ex-wife, or a nutcase ex-wife that’s trying to take you for everything in divorce court harassing you.

Then the Illinois State Thought Police may come for your guns.

The Democrats keep making the FOID law worse and enforcing it even after a state court ruled it was unconstitutional. The Illinois Supreme Court has been punting the case back down to the trial court because they know what the correct legal opinion is and they don’t want to issue it.

Of course, the liberal media never asks the obvious questions. “How would this new law/amendment have stopped all “gun” crimes that happened in the past?” and “Why would criminals care about this law when the ones we have now don’t stop anything?”

Vote Republican for the vacant seats and let’s get rid of the FOID Act.

Major “adtech” layoffs. Newspapers continue dying off. American economy continues to the scene of the crash.

In another sign of Dotcom Bubble 2.0, adtechs are laying off, according to layoffs.fyi and the New York Times.

We’re definitely seeing echos of the Dotcom Bubble collapse, even though most consumer-facing news is trying to spin things to suggest the lowest unemployment rates ever. A lie that Vice-President Kamala Harris repeated only the other day.

Most Americans are terribly concerned with inflation and losing their jobs, but the CNNs and CNBCs still project denial. What rags!

Burying your head in the sand hasn’t ever helped anyone solve a problem. These folks want you to subscribe to the religion that as long as “consumer confidence” remains high, it does not matter how much toxic sludge is swirling around in the system. There’s a lot of toxic sludge, that’s for sure. When is the last time anyone asked how confident YOU were as a consumer? Yeah, me neither.

In the New York Times article I just linked to, Marc Andreeson, one of the early Web pioneers (Netscape, Sun, etc.) and an active “Venture Capitalist” today, says that “good big tech companies” are overstaffed by 200% and “bad big tech companies” are overstaffed by 400%.

(By good and bad, he means as investments, of course. And, relatively speaking.)

So it falls somewhere in-between with Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Uber where in the 200-400% range they actually are.

I posted about the internal woes at Microsoft.

It’s a bloodbath in tech right now. A complete bloodbath.

Most people who have been through layoffs (I have.) can tell you that when the CEO or their boss calls a meeting and says that the company has to “become leaner and more focused”, it’s not a good thing. Employee morale tanks immediately, people start looking for jobs, even the ones that may not have been fired.

But layoffs work like that. Microsoft is in so much trouble, and their executives have no vision, and they’re not alone. Most companies are like that. They try to sand and paint and keep it looking okay, and then the problems just bubble up and the rust explodes publicly. That’s what’s going on in Microsoft today.

I think that Marc Andreeson is correct and we’re looking at job losses that could easily enter the millions within the next 6-12 months.

“The News” quality is being chiseled away at due to the collapse in both advertising revenues, and the lack of people willing to pay for it.

Gannett, the largest newspaper company in America, posted a $54 million dollar quarterly loss recently, and risks being “acquired” by another Bezos (like The Washington Post was) or Bezos himself.

The gaslighting becomes so much easier as there’s less and less journalism to turn to.

Over the years, the US federal government has more or less defunded the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, citing budget cuts.

The government spends over $7 trillion USD a year now, and that’s just the feds. Tax revenues are maybe half that, and you hear the Democrats go on and on about “deficit reductions”.

Does it sound like they care how much they spend on anything or what the deficits are?

Neutering NPR and PBS and leaving them vulnerable to corruption by Bill Gates, Amazon, Bezos personally, Exxon, and Walmart, and countless others, ensures that they’re only slightly less bad than the “corporate media”. The only reason they’re kept alive at all is because they can claim to be “public broadcasting” and “fair” and the idea of that is laughable. Federal funding is like <1% of their budget.

They may be chartered by law to do some things, but when 99% of your money comes from the James Bond villains, you don’t piss off the James Bond villains.

To chart the decline in the American media is difficult. No matter where you think the bottom is at, you’re wrong and it gets worse. It’s such a sewer that millions of people either have been or will be newly unemployed at the end of this another year, and they’re still talking about a “tight jobs market” even though there’s “a lot of layoffs”.

It’s written in such a way that any individual person who happens to read this crap is supposed to think that it’s just a problem for them that they’re unemployed and nobody is calling them.

That’s pretty sick, honestly.

What’s even sicker are all of these businesses that got “Paycheck Protection” money.

Now the news admits 75% of it failed to reach any workers, according to a study conducted by the United States Central Bank, specifically the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve. $600 billion out of $800 billion went to the rich.

Specifically to people like the Indiana slumlord who drives 3 Cadillacs and cheats on her taxes, and fakes eviction letters to the Township trustee to get her tenants “poor relief” vouchers payable to her. You know, “job creators”.

I’m sure she was very happy that President Trump was there to hand her $12,000 that open records show that she didn’t have to pay back.

You put this all together and it’s obvious what’s going on. They think that with the appropriate amount of brainwashing, they can hold the riots back while they continue sucking our national treasury bare.

Pretty much all of the corruption is open, indeed some of it is even reported on, but when did you see the article about the PPP that I just mentioned. Now, right?

They say that you know a country is circling the drain when its people become decadent and start favoring “Bread and Circuses”, or as the Roman term was, “panem et circenses“.

Last year, as part of an attempted turnaround, Gannett hired a new executive with a background in “Entertainment and Gaming” to “build a customer obsessed platform”, all anyone wants to do is sit in their home staring at a 5″ phone screen watching “streaming apps”.

Hell, Chicago Mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot recently signed an agreement to turn Chicago over to NASCAR for TWO WEEKS, insisting that $500,000 to let them tear up our streets and make noise and a mess and draw drunken crowds to one of the most violent cities in America, was a great deal.

(For comparison, Lollapalooza pays the city $2 million to be there for 4 days, occupying part of Grant Park.)

“Beetlejuice” claims Chicago has a lot of “closeted NASCAR fans”. (I haven’t seen any.)

The ultimate costs of having the NASCAR spectacle to the taxpayers of Chicago is “unknown”, but that hardly matters.

The government can steal from you to pay for whatever it wants.

And distracting you from the lousy government (which is taking bribes among other things), is a good investment of your hard-earned money.

The incestuous relationship of the mainstream news, entertainment, and politics is where one hand washes the other.

The wealthy do not want to pay for programs to compensate the unemployed.

The dying news media makes for easy takeovers, which become a psyop splog for Bill Gates, Bezos, Musk, Cook, and the rest, and the politicians get their “numbers”.

Like, “2% unemployment. There must be something wrong with you, bro.”

The best advice I’ve seen, from someone on one of my chats, was “Don’t trust your employer and keep your fixed expenses down as much as you can.”.

I’m sure NASCAR in Chicago will fix everything. That government could be given all of the gold bars in Fort Knox and they’d be broke again next month.

Lynx: For a Matthew Garrett-free Web browsing experience. Bonus: Which news sites are worth reading? (Not the Bill Gates ones.)

I tried to load Matthew Garrett’s Dreamwidth blog and Twitter account in Lynx. He says he’s an “Open Source” developer, but you can’t read anything he says without running proprietary software. (Which is just as well.)

Here’s his blog:

HTTP 401: Forbidden / I can’t read it because of ClownFlare demanding JavaScript, cookies, and images for a CAPTCHA puzzle.

And here’s his Twitter:

No Twitter because he’s on a platform that makes you log in and use JavaScript.

The modern Web is crap, because it’s unusable if you value your sanity. Mr. Garrett claims he’s a Open Source developer, but at the same time uses platforms that don’t even allow you to read his blog without proprietary software (JavaScript programs are usually proprietary software), images (bandwidth hog), and other nasties.

This highlights one important difference between Open Source and Free Software people.

Open Source people don’t give a damn about Freedom, to the point where they will demand that you use proprietary and nasty things just for their own convenience, like JavaScript, logging into Twitter, or Microsoft document formats.

Most of the time, if you load my blog on WordPress using Lynx or NewsWaffle, it works as well as can be expected. There won’t be any images with Lynx, but I wouldn’t use something that gives you 401 Forbidden, hard requirements on JavaScript, or has a ClownFlare blockade. NewsWaffle may not be able to format it 100% into GemText properly, but with more work to handle WordPress it can be adapted.

The only way to get at Twitter on Lynx seems to be to use something like Nitter, which mirrors Twitter and doesn’t demand that YOU use their proprietary JavaScript code. This way you can read people’s tweets as text if you like.

Here’s a Twitter account in Nitter on Lynx:

President Biden @potus on Twitter, through Nitter.it, in Lynx. I don’t know why you’d follow it, but it’s a government account subject to open records laws….yet it’s on Shitter and you can’t read it without JavaScript and you’ll get a demand to log in and identify yourself if you scroll. This is a big problem!

Many Web sites are difficult to use in Lynx on a good day, but I’m trying to drastically cut back on my dependence on graphical Web browsing because it’s so incredibly frustrating. When all you want to do is read some text, they waste time and screen space with JavaScript, images, videos, style sheets, and more.

If people have something important to say, they should be able to use their words and publish it in a way I can scroll through and get at the text.

I recently blogged about using NewsWaffle in GeminiSpace to get at the news. This often works out better than loading the Web version in Lynx, but Lynx is not totally useless, it just appears to be harder to get around in most of the time than turning a Web site into Gemtext.

How “news” works in America.

CNN is unusable in Lynx, but you lose nothing because it’s CNN. It works in the NewsWaffle though.

“These are the Amazon Products we love!” “January 6th Commission January 6th Commission January 6th Commission…..JANUARY 6TH COMMISSION JANUARY 6TH COMMISSION JANUARY 6TH COMMISSION!” -CNN News

I noticed NPR is total crap lately too. It works in the NewsWaffle and in Lynx though. I came across an article today that blames people for being poor and saying it’s all about their reckless spending on a can of coffee, living in a home, and subscribing to streaming.

They then proceeded to say you could listen to NPR by purchasing an iPhone and subscribing to their Spotify podcast.

I noticed that neither CNN nor NPR are listed in the NewsWaffle, but they work with it if you type them in manually.

Maybe the person maintaining it doesn’t want to get involved with the Amazon News and Bill Gates-sponsored White-shaming and poverty shaming that’s going on over at NPR. Who knows?

Much of “the news” is credibility zero these days, especially the ones you don’t pay for. I’ve noticed the ones that have their hands out and paywalls actually have better stories that usually have some point to them once I get past the paywall. NPR takes so much money from people like Bill Gates, and outfits like Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, Koch Industries, Exxon, and more and gives them shout outs while you’re in the car using them for background music.

“This article about Amazon workers trying to organize brought to you by the company that is threatening them for organizing. Amazon…..When you need a tuba, some blu ray discs, and three packages of chocolate covered cherries at 4 AM….Amazon.”

I’m very concerned with what’s happening to “the news”, at least as much as “the Web”. They’re in a state of terminal rot and corruption to the point where it’s almost a gift that you can’t read some of this bullshit in a way that preserves some of your sanity.

For example, many are reporting that Senator Joe Manchin of Virginia is blocking a new spending deal because he’s “worried about inflation”.

What they’re not reporting on is that taxing the rich to reduce the federal deficit would LOWER, not increase, inflation. By refusing to tax the rich, the Senator from West Virginia is forcing the federal government to create and borrow money, INCREASING the inflation he is complaining about, to spare unproductive billionaires like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett from having to pay taxes while they get to play “Who can die with the most money and leave it to kids who never did a damned thing?” during the most screwed up time in American history.

Elon’s dad just had another one with a woman 45 years younger than him and then stated “the only point of being on Earth is to have kids”. That’s disgusting and the media praises this. Rich pervert, good. Rich people have better genes and make better babies. (sarcasm) If you do it, people will look at you like “Oh man! Sick!”

The only advantage I’m seeing here, other than the guy owns an emerald mine and can leave them money, is that when she’s up in the middle of the night she can change both their diapers at the same time.

More alarming, however, is the fact that there’s more “Billshit” than ever in the news this week.

A total “Billshit” overload.

I use the shorthand “Billshit” and “Bill Sez” to describe articles that Bill Gates has corrupted “the news” into publishing as puff pieces and reputation laundering. It’s almost always some sort of “Duh, that was obvious.” aphorism that for some reason managed to go on for 8 pages, or how he’s “giving away his money” even as he’s doubled it in the last ten years.

The latest Billshit that was in the “news” was about Gates “donating” $20 billion to his fake charity, the Gates Foundation. His ex-wife, Melinda, is still on the Board and in the Foundation’s name, even though she divorced him and cited his close friendship with Jeffery Epstein as one of the reasons. If Gates is donating $20 billion, it’s because he has a plan to make $40 billion with it.

One of the things Gates is doing that is finally gaining some attention, although not nearly the “red alert!” level of attention it deserves, is buying up American farmland and becoming one of the biggest absentee landlords to people who actually work the land. The only thing he does contribute is a loss to Americans in the form of higher grocery prices.

The rents that farmers have to pay to Bill acts like a “tax” that goes to him and increases the price of food, during an already terribly shitty year of high inflation and societal breakdown.

This isn’t philanthropy. It’s larceny. It’s one of the greatest thefts and crimes ever committed against the citizens of the world, which rely on American agriculture.

By paying the media to either not cover it or not cover it for what it is, he gets away with it.

Microsoft, the company that he co-founded, is embroiled in all sorts of scandals, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, for a huge foreign bribery scandal going into at least the hundreds of millions of dollars.

They know exactly how to get away with crime.

Crime pays, but to get away with crime, you have to pay the people who enable you to commit the crime, who so seriously misinform and “un-inform” the public, who write tax codes and patent and trade laws, and who avoid passing laws to prevent things like parasites from owning farmland.

It’s tragic to see NPR turned into another crack den where the American public goes to be gaslighted. George W. Bush put them on this track when he passed a bill that mostly defunded them.

Countries that mandate that their news be neutral and 100% funded by tax receipts get something far less corrupt than the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

And no, you made no difference to the level of corruption at NPR, at all, for donating $20 15 years ago to get a coffee mug. Sorry.

Shaming people for buying food and paying rent now!

Like these are luxuries that they should have “planned better” for when they can’t get a good job and the cost of living is going up twice as fast as the government admits to. Putting an adulterous pedophile associate on a pedestal and dubbing him Saint Bill of Gates.

Saint Bill of Gates has a reading list, and a solution for everything. The Billshit and the Bill Sez told me that he knows how to solve COVID and Global Warming. So it must certainly be true. Causing global hunger is “Philanthropy”. The Billshit said so. 😉

NewsWaffle on Gemini: A better way to read the news.

NewsWaffle is a site in Geminispace that relays major news Web sites into a Gemini browser, such as my favorite, Lagrange. (Which I have installed on Fedora GNU/Linux from Flatpak.)

The Gemini protocol doesn’t do much of anything that you can’t do already on the Web, if you want to use a subset of Web functionality.

However, the point of constraining Gemini is to prevent people from being tempted to abuse sites in the direction in which the Web started to go in the mid to late 90s when browser vendor wars erupted, and ridiculous Web technologies and “incompatibility as a feature” arose, and companies started to find fundamentally inefficient and insecure technologies such as JavaScript easy to use in order to spy on the users and make their computer spend time doing things that they did not want it to do.

Modern Web sites have gotten so grotesque that when you load their articles through Gemini using NewsWaffle, you can see the comparison between the HTML junk that it parsed, and the text that it cached and sent along to you. Oftentimes, just the HTML, not the style sheets, videos, JavaScript, or images, is 100 times larger than the Gemtext.

If you want to expand and load images in your Gemini browser, you can, but most of the images are usually just unimportant stock images that don’t do anything except cause loading delays so you can see “man paying with cash at a supermarket” when there’s an article about cash or supermarkets. I mean, it’s just dumb shit, you know, and each one of those stock images eats up another 700-800 KB.

In 1998 when I had dial-up, I noticed it could take over a minute to load CNN. Now that I have high speed Internet, CNN just takes it as a license to load over 200 MB of crap because I wanted to read 5 KB of text. Meanwhile, Web browsers have gone from 5-10 MB fully installed if they were written well, like Opera used to be, or 60 MB if they weren’t written well and were disguised as part of the OS (like Internet Explorer from Microsoft was), to roughly 300 MB with about 1 GB on disk once you account for caches and profiles folders.

The memory and CPU situation is much worse. One tab open in Firefox can now be 500-600 MB depending on what you’re doing in there.

When all is said and done, NewsWaffle is more like opening up a newspaper used to be. There’s no junk, no bloat. Hell, there’s no ads or paywall pop-ups, or nag screens asking for your email address if if you want to agree to tracking cookies (no cookies).

Check out NewsWaffle at this Gemini address:


Firefox for Android no longer gives the user control over the browsing experience. Privacy Browser turns off JavaScript by default.

Firefox/Fennec for Android no longer give the user significant control over the browsing experience.

The browser that said it was on a mission to enable users to “take back the Web” has been falling from grace for years, starting with Digital Restrictions Malware module, Widevine, and then quickly moving to remove a lot of features and then relegating them to extensions, which were then neutered in order to make them easier to port over from Chrome.

But nothing has made me more upset than what has happened to Firefox (or Fennec, the Free and Open Source version) for Android.

Mozilla’s move to GeckoView rendered over 99% of all Firefox extensions incompatible with the mobile browser, including bypass paywalls, and there is no longer any way that I’m aware of to turn off JavaScript.

Major news Web sites like the New York Times are now unreadable in Firefox for Android because I can’t simply block their paywall like I can in my desktop browser, so I decided to try out Privacy Browser for Android, which is in the F-Droid store.

As the name implies, it disables many privacy invading Web technologies like JavaScript, by default, but you can turn them on again if you want to. In my experience, many news Web sites that load paywalls work in Privacy Browser because the JavaScript that enforces their paywall fails to execute. So now whenever I run into a paywall, I have to switch to a different browser.

Privacy Browser can work with the Tor network Orbot program, but it would be better to use Tor Browser itself if you need actual anonymity, as Privacy Browser relies on the Chromium WebView engine and that is proprietary and Google makes it very difficult to properly secure.

The Privacy Browser maintainers say that they plan on forking WebView into “Privacy WebView” and bundling it in version 4.0, which will definitely deserve another look.

Right now, I’m not using it expecting privacy. I’m using it because Mozilla is making Firefox impossible for the user to control at all, and in many cases I don’t want JavaScript on anyway.