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Lake County, Illinois Black Lives Matter Founder Arrested At City Council Meeting

The Lake County, Illinois Black Lives Matter founder has been arrested at a Waukegan City Council meeting.

Illinois is so progressive that when you piss off the assholes running it that what happens next is the same thing that happens everywhere you piss off the assholes running the place.

In this case, he was there to complain that they hosted Darren Bailey, a far-right Republican running for Governor who wants to ban abortion, turn Immigrants over to ICE, and repeal the police reforms law, for a photo op. He wanted to know why “liberal” politicians running a majority-minority city would do such a thing.

Well, maybe they wouldn’t be running the place if 85% of the electorate wasn’t at home smoking weed all Election Month (and a half….so who has the time?) and too busy to vote. Or maybe run for office.

LOL….. Just kidding.

The Democrats stay in power by digging up $60,000 in court fines you didn’t know existed for parking a car on your own property after they find out you’re running against them around these parts.

I mean, really there’s no excuse for what goes on in our City Council.

The last mayor, a Democrat, was an even bigger piece of trash than what’s in there now.

The way elections happen in Illinois is this. Elections are very sacred, and so is the right to vote. They want everyone to be allowed to vote…..for a ballot that only has Democrats on it.

Once you select from the one choice available on 80% of the ballot, you may then submit it.

The mistake that led to McLemore’s arrest appears to be that he used foul language and gave them an excuse to have him arrested so that he would stop annoying them while they figure out how to raise our taxes and spend the money digging up more perfectly good streets and then tear into them again next week for some reason while they let the main roads continue degrading into rubble.

It does not appear to matter where you are. The cops are the cops. The job attracts……a certain kind of person. Little to the right of Hitler.

Roy on Techrights was discussing this with me a while back, after he witnessed a cop in London attacking an elderly man that bothered him a little. Just beating him up in the street.

Trevor Noah leaves The Daily Show and there’s nobody left watching it who cares.

Trevor Noah leaves The Daily Show and there’s nobody left watching it who cares.

He already took a much loved comedy news program with high ratings and turned it into The Daily Two Minutes of Hate Against White People.

Oh, and he’s not funny.

I pretty much stopped watching the show a few episodes in unless it accidentally came on the TV when I was living in the hotel and he was after South Park or something.

The guy is just such a colossal racist idiot that he completely managed to destroy the show that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert spent years making great.

I have no explanation for how Trevor Noah managed to stay on for 7 years except possibly Affirmative Action or something.

Any White person who took over the show and went after Blacks the way he went after Whites would have been shit-canned in less than a week, and he spent a good part of 2020 making excuses for why looters had to set people’s cars on fire and steal big screen televisions.

My spouse was an International Student, and his liberal college professor forced them all to read Trevor Noah’s grievance politics.

Noah is privileged. He’s not broke. He has enough money in his bank account that he never has to work again if he doesn’t want to, and part of his wealth is from students being forced to read him as part of a leftist indoctrination program.

This bitter and sad little man won’t be missed, but who is left watching? Cable TV subscribers have been fleeing 2+ million cancellations per year, and it’s pretty much down to people who watch the sports package.

It’s doubtful that anyone could resurrect the formula that made The Daily Show successful after the shit that Trevor Noah pulled.

The place where all the late night comedy/news action is now, is on HBO, where John Oliver (also from The Daily Show) went.

Trevor Noah is one of those people fanning the “The World Owes Me Something Because I’m Here” flames and setting back race relations in America. Unfortunately, those sorts have gained the upper hand.

Look, nobody is saying that there hasn’t been some crazy messed up shit in American history, but acting as-if only Americans can be racist or cruel, or have a sordid history is disingenuous to say the least.

John Oliver himself just got done roasting his own country, the United Kingdom, for looting and plundering the world to fill its museums and how their politicians are so condescending that they claim, in a typical “polite” British fashion, of course, that the (mostly African) countries they stole it all from are too poor, dumb, and irresponsible (for allowing themselves to be looted?) to be “trusted” to have their own national property back.

Oliver makes excellent points. He backs up his assertions by citing the evidence, and he does not make any claims that his own culture didn’t do terrible things in history that need to be repaired to the furthest reasonable extent today.

The world is full of countries that are more racist and evil, at least historically, than America, but they get no flak for it because people think they’re “cute” or “nice” or something.

Consider Canada. They have Immigration policies that are nastier than Trump on his worst day.

They murdered and slaughtered and raped the natives, and mass buried them, and built schools for White children on the graves. I mean, talk about fucked up.

But all you hear about Canada is how liberal they are, while they are literally trying to sue the United States for shutting down their tar sands oil pipeline.

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

While you can gain ground in public opinion over years of making arguments and changing political atmospheres, nobody likes a whiner.

No, you’re not “entitled” to loot and burn my car because you “don’t like what a cop did”.

Do I look like a cop? I’ve been treated terribly by law enforcement numerous times, and I’m not Black. I wish I could go into more detail (and maybe I will very soon), but I’m at least as horrified by the police as anyone else.

The police drove Ian Murdock to suicide by hanging with about the same sort of things that they did to me.

However, Justice was done in the case of Derek Chauvin, who is going to be in prison until at least 2038 already, and he’s about to go on trial yet again on 9 felony counts of tax evasion and failure to report income.

I mean, you piss off the government, you piss off everyone in the country, bad things happen. They start digging up anything they can. I was pissed at what I saw. They had no right to do that, and I’m glad they were punished.

But the riots in 2020 were never about Derek Chauvin and the other officers, and George Floyd.

It was about the fact that government in America has failed and there has been a breakdown of law and order that has made such a thing even possible. Our courts have failed as badly as our democracy has failed.

But “Comedy” Central had this stupid asshole, Trevor Noah, on The Daily Show, making it all so much worse by repeatedly excusing criminal conduct that was inexcusable, and as he was fanning the flames, “Comedy” Central kept him on the air. People may have died _because_ Trevor Noah took the side of the rioters and made them feel justified.

In the Chicago suburb I live in, half the businesses on my side of town were vandalized and looted, including a local grocery chain ran and largely staffed by Hispanic/Latino people, and the cops pretty much just sat there and watched it and did nothing.

In Chicago, it was worse. They put the bridges up to try to stop the lootings. Small Black and immigrant-owned businesses got torn up, many didn’t even bother to reopen.

One reason Chicago is such a “stinking hellhole” (as Gubernatorial Candidate Darren Bailey put it) is because only the criminals there are well armed.

They ignore the gun laws, so they have guns. Simple as that. However many guns they want. Illegally modified guns. Machine guns. Guns with no serial numbers. Whatever they want.

They know the gun laws lower the odds their victims will be armed. In many cases, they send 10 and 12 year olds out to carjack people, because the court system isn’t going to do anything to a 10 year old, which has already been instructed as to what will happen if they cooperate with the police.

The solution to this problem is dismantling the crime at the source. Not hiding behind the word “Racism” because you know that nobody wants to even touch that.

I am not sad to see Trevor Noah go away. Hopefully, we never hear from him again.

Crazy Russian charged with obstruction.

A crazy Russian man in Vernon Hills, Illinois who was high on drugs was charged with felonies including obstructing police officers after they went to his home to respond to his drug overdose. After police administered Narcan to revive him, he refused to go to the hospital.

Rather than arresting him, the police went to leave, and he stepped in their way and assaulted and battered them as they were trying to leave his house.

This truly is a first. This is the first time I’ve ever heard about the cops charging someone for obstructing them while they’re trying to go away.

That’s how you know he got some bad drugs and was high on them, I guess.

Illinois Amendment 1, the “Workers Rights Amendment”, could undo the Safe-T Act’s police reforms if the public votes to pass it.

Illinois Amendment 1, the “Workers Rights Amendment”, could undo police reform if the public votes to pass it.

Illinois voters are being asked to pass a constitutional amendment to “guarantee collective bargaining rights.

“Amendment 1”, or the “Workers Rights Amendment”, is said to “ban Right To Work zones” in Illinois, which are already banned under statutory law.

Right To Work laws allow workers to decide for themselves if they want to be in a labor union.

Illinois politicians are at the beck and call of corrupt mafia unions, mostly the ones that represent “public workers”.

However, if this dangerous amendment passes, it could also undo parts of the Safe-T Act that were meant to prevent police violence and deaths of prisoners in police custody.

See, the Safe-T Act, which is due to go into effect on January 1, 2023, bans chokeholds by the police, requires other officers to step in and prevent excessive use of force on detainees by police officers, and requires officers to stop and render first aid to detainees, including the use of CPR.

It also expands the Officer Misconduct Database, makes it easier to decertify police officers who have committed crimes, and requires the use of body cameras in all Illinois police departments by 2025.

It requires the police to justify charging someone with “resisting arrest” by articulating in a police report why that arrest was necessary in the first place.

It requires detailed reporting on deaths in police custody and extra training in conflict de-escalation.

But these are all conditions of employment.

The Amendment 1, “Workers Rights Amendment”, says it “applies to all employees”. The police are “employees” of the government.

The Amendment also says that “employees” have a “right” to bargain on working conditions, and that this bargaining will not be affected by any other law.

Taken together, if Amendment 1, the “Workers Rights Amendment”, gets approved by voters, the police can demand a reversal of the police reforms in the Safe-T Act in their “employment contract” that was negotiated by the police union.

So have fun with that.

I recommend voting NO on the so-called “Workers Rights Amendment” already because it takes away the right to freedom of association, but it will also undo the moderate policing reforms of the Safe-T Act.

The Illinois State (Thought) Police raid thousands of people to confiscate guns under the unconstitutional FOID Act.

The Illinois State (thought) Police raided thousands of people to confiscate guns under the unconstitutional FOID Act. (And they’ll do it again.)

They raid thousands of people and the best they can come up with to parade around in the media is that they didn’t need warrants because they found one guy with explosives. Which gives them the right to trample the Constitutional rights of lots of people?

The guy with explosives is a real brainer because you can’t get a permit for those anyway because they’re illegal, so how did that happen?

And there’s no reason they couldn’t have taken their evidence against him to a judge to get a search warrant except for the usual “We’re the state and we’ll do whatever we damned well please to you at any time.”.

Some of them had “restraining orders”. But a restraining order doesn’t make a person dangerous.

A woman in Nevada got a restraining order against David Letterman once for “sending psychic messages” through her television set.

The judge said the restraining order was put in place against David Letterman, “Because she filled out the forms correctly.”.

Many scumbag shyster divorce attorneys suggest hitting your ex-spouse with restraining orders to make them look bad in divorce court.

There’s also no guarantee that the state will protect you if you have one because the US Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that “the police have no duty to protect any member of the public” even if the cops are standing right there.

I recall watching a YouTube video about a man in New York City was stabbed repeatedly and had to fight off his own attacker while he was being stabbed, and half a dozen cops in NYC were standing three feet away doing nothing to help. There are similar stories in the news all the time. Some people die while the cops watch and don’t help.

Restraining orders do tell the person you claim to be afraid of where you’re at, and if they come to commit a felony, they will also commit a misdemeanor. Only a person with the mind of a lawyer could think these deter crime. Restraining orders piss the person getting one off and tell them where you’re at. They also have months before the Illinois State Thought Police come out to enforce a FOID revocation.

If they’re going to go nuclear, the raids aren’t going to stop them.

You don’t have to do anything bad to lose your Second Amendment Constitutional Rights.

You just have to live in one of the shittiest states in America (all Democrat-operated), or have some nutcase or an ex-wife, or a nutcase ex-wife that’s trying to take you for everything in divorce court harassing you.

Then the Illinois State Thought Police may come for your guns.

The Democrats keep making the FOID law worse and enforcing it even after a state court ruled it was unconstitutional. The Illinois Supreme Court has been punting the case back down to the trial court because they know what the correct legal opinion is and they don’t want to issue it.

Of course, the liberal media never asks the obvious questions. “How would this new law/amendment have stopped all “gun” crimes that happened in the past?” and “Why would criminals care about this law when the ones we have now don’t stop anything?”

Vote Republican for the vacant seats and let’s get rid of the FOID Act.

The guy who ran into my car last year recently got fined $350 for illegally passing someone.

Last year, two guys ran a stop light and hit the front end of my car.

When they failed to produce ID or insurance documents, the police just let them go, and took their word for it that I ran the light.

I ended up having to hire a lawyer for $400 and fight the ticket to avoid having my car insurance rates go up. Meanwhile, the police showed up but couldn’t honestly testify to anything because they would have had to admit they weren’t even on the scene for more than half an hour.

I went to check the court computer for something today and my browser suggested to auto-fill the name of the other driver for last year. When I was deciding on whether or not to go to court, I decided to scope out the other guys and see what their record was looking like. It turned out that they were just a couple of assholes who didn’t even go to court when they were in trouble with the court. So I demanded a bench trial and they had to dismiss the ticket because, surprise surprise, neither showed up.

So out of curiosity I put it in, and found out that the driver was cited for illegal lane usage a few months ago and was recently ordered to pay the court $350 after pleading guilty. He has an extensive list of felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic citations. So obviously the police believed his narrative…. (I must just have one of those faces or something.)

I suppose it’s not a huge dent on his court record, which goes on for four pages.

Somehow he does manage to pay his court assessments.

I guess it’s either drug money or his mom, who he had on the phone with the police after he wrecked her car into me and then got the stupid cops to try to pin it on me.

There’s very few employers who would hire you if you have a four page criminal history in one county.

Trump argues that he invoked “the constitutional rights of every American” after saying “only mobsters and guilty people invoke the Fifth Amendment” while his judges have destroyed the Miranda Warning.

Trump argues that he invoked “the constitutional rights of every American” after saying “only mobsters and guilty people invoke the Fifth Amendment”, while his judges have destroyed the Miranda Warning.

The Republicans are fine with this. Anyone with millions or billions of dollars certainly already has lots of lawyers telling them to shut up and never cooperate with the police.

Video: You Have the Right to Remain Innocent (James Duane)

Mr. Duane says that “All too often” we hear, 20 years after a [usually poor and/or black] defendant was sent to prison, that they were actually innocent and the police framed them. They get a very small check and told to just get on with their life and then “we turn back to Brad and Angelina”.

If the police arrest and frame a poor person who doesn’t know any better than to keep his mouth shut, and he goes to prison, then the Republicans get one more felon who can never vote again (in most states).

It’s a situation without any possible downside to them.

Nevertheless, it was funny watching Trump go “On the advice of my attorneys, I can’t answer that because it would incriminate me.” dozens of times for hours and hours. It’s a civil case, so he doesn’t have the right to not take the stand.

Essentially, it forces him to admit for hours on end that if he said anything, he’d go to prison in a criminal court later.

When the Central Park Five was tried for a rape that they didn’t commit, Trump was basically arguing that we should skip the trial and have a lynch mob.

“Everyone knows they did it anyway.”

“Look, some of them have been in trouble before!”

“It’s not fast enough to give people the benefit of the doubt!”

I mean, using Trump’s own logic from the Central Park Five case, he’s way overdue for a prison cell and the FBI should have “raided him” years ago.

What are we doing pussyfooting around and giving him a fair trial anyway? “It’s taking too long and his prior bad deeds are evidence that he doesn’t have the finest background.”

The guy wants to go all Shakespeare and “KILL ALL THE LAWYERS!” when it’s some poor run down shmuck being subjected to a frame up job by the cops.

Then he deploys the “Constitutional right of all Americans” because, like the other mobsters and criminals, he can otherwise incriminate himself or commit perjury.

But that still doesn’t mean the right to remain silent should be done away with. The state should have to prove, with no help from you, every single accusation. The jury should also not read into it if the accused doesn’t even take the stand in a criminal proceeding.

Even if they don’t perjure themselves, the prosecutor gets a crack at them and will start asking trick questions designed so that even an innocent person will hang themselves eventually.

Just this week, in Chicago, eight more people who were framed by former Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara were tossed out by the courts.

Doesn’t help the people who had the “Trump Justice System” done to them of “Cops beat the shit out of you, frame you, extract false confession, and find a dirty judge who will allow it.”.

Participation in Facebook and Twitter can and will be used against you. You have no right to remain silent after you’ve already spoken. If you need an attorney, good luck with that.

Participation in Facebook and Twitter can and will be used against you. You have no right to remain silent after you’ve already spoken. If you need an attorney, good luck with that.

(The US Supreme Court is dismantling the Bill of Rights, starting with a major opening salvo against your Miranda Rights recently.)

In one recent post, I linked to an archived Nitter mirror showing that a company called FAMA doxxed a man’s Twitter account for “bad language”, “risky likes”, etc, and sent his employer a 350+ page printout.

Pointy Hair Bosses are too dangerous to be allowed access to information like this.

They get snookered by con artists at companies like this in order to fire or refuse to hire people based on what that person’s legitimate beliefs and speech are.

If you can’t find a job, or get laid off, can you say definitively that FAMA wasn’t the reason why? That was rhetorical. You aren’t even supposed to know that they exist.

What starts happening to you when Landlords start using it to see if you are “trouble” without getting to know you?

The answer, of course, is that Twitter, which is already worth nothing, is definitely causing people to become unemployed, and potentially homeless.

I certainly hope you’re hearing about FAMA from me and not after it’s already too late and you’re living in a box under the CTA train.

Nobody should want to live in a world where things like this exist, and the only way to be safe from ambush “reports” like FAMA is to have no “social media” presence on Facebook or Twitter. It’s likely that even if you “go private”, Facebook is selling them data. You can opt out by refusing to participate in your own drumhead.

However, other sinister uses of “Social Media”, primarily centered around Facebook, but also Twitter and some others, involve regulations formulated by the Social Security Administration during the Trump presidency.

The Republicans have been looking for ways to knife Social Security for years, and one of their repeated talking points centers on convincing people that anyone with a severe mental impairment is faking it and should just find a job. Let’s set aside the fact that 20 million Americans who would like to work lost their jobs under Trump in addition to the 18 million who would have liked to have one and couldn’t before him, and most of those jobs haven’t returned. (140,000 jobs short in Illinois alone vs. March 2020), and we’ll focus on what Social Security is doing to try to play gotcha game bullshit under Trump’s regulation created by former Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul (who was locked out of his office and fired by President Biden).

The first prong of Trump’s attack on the mentally ill involves Facebook. It says that the SSA shall look at the Facebook pages for anyone on Disability and comb them over for evidence that contradicts the disability they claim they have.

In other words, did you have a good day and go mow the lawn and end up in Facebook with pictures mowing your lawn and having a beer?

Did you go on vacation for 3 days and smile once while you were at a restaurant and you didn’t want to be the party-pooper so you smiled on command, even though you weren’t actually, you know, in the mood?

Well, all of that is “evidence” against you.

Trump tried to go further than this in a regulation canceled by Biden. The canceled regulation says that Social Security was to start harassing mentally ill claimants every two years, doing a full 11 page Continuing Disability Review, and basically what that is, is where they go digging through your life every few years looking for reasons why you may no longer qualify for Social Security benefits.

Some people get better, enough to work, but most people don’t. 99% of the people pulled for a CDR are found to still be disabled, because being approved for Disability in the first place was a tough row to hoe and so putting people through this is not only barbaric, but it’s a waste of money too.

Congress never gives the SSA enough money to do much more than spot check people with long form reviews 5% of the time, and the rest of the people who get full reviews are “scored” by a computer program based on a number of factors that produces a “statistical likelihood” of medical improvement.

To clear their backlog, they send out “short form reviews” as well, and these ask basic questions designed to probe to see if they will put you through the ringer. If you don’t make any comments, have been seeing your doctor regularly for the condition you were approved for, haven’t worked, and haven’t gone back to school, you’ll very likely be waved through.

I have an Aunt who has Schizophrenia. It’s very bad. On top of this, she has severe Osteoporosis, and a number of other problems. She’s had Social Security for years and would not be able to support herself without it. She’s in her early 60s. What would have happened to her if Trump got a second term?

Many lawyers advise their Social Security clients to either delete Facebook and Twitter, or at least make their profiles “Friends Only”, so the government can’t go combing through them.

The problem with the “Friends Only” advice is that the government is the government, and if Facebook or Twitter have information on you, the government is going to get it. It’s only a matter of time.

So the only way to be safer from “Social Control Media”, which the police also find very handy if you read the news even badly, is to stay off of it. The government isn’t the only threat, but it is a big one.

The other threats can be psycho exes that stalk you or creepy in-laws like mine, who are members of a cult that arranges to have people assassinated. My sister-in-law tried to blackmail/extort us for money. When I refused, she tried to take reprisals. Then she took out a million dollar life insurance policy on her brother, which I shut down.

She forged his signature to obtain it, and I have no idea what she planned to do.

Was she going to arrange a hit, or just try to wait it out and hope he died?

I set his profile to “Friends Only”. I’ve encouraged him to ditch Facebook because she’s crazy and the police did nothing when I went to them. Absolutely nothing.

The best I could do was report the fraud, shut down the policy, get him on an insurance company blacklist, and then get a FOID card.

We don’t live in the safest neighborhood.

One day when I looked out my peephole, there was a scary looking man just standing there staring at my door, like he was waiting for someone to open it and come out.

Did she send him? I don’t know. He eventually left after staring at my door without any possible good reason to be doing that, for over 20 minutes. I felt helpless, I felt scared. I firmly believe that everyone should use their Second Amendment rights to never have to be a victim of violent crime, property crime, or rape.

If people can’t obey the law and stay out of your stuff and home, then they should expect what’s coming to them. Some leftists can’t agree with that publicly, but the fact that Illinois is now the #1 state in America for legal gun sales and background checks tells us that people vote one way, and then when it comes to their own safety, they act in another one.

Biden isn’t the one panicking people into buying guns. It was the rioters, the looters, the carjackers, the rape gangs, that the police and judges in Illinois either can’t control or aren’t interested in punishing and imprisoning.

There have been a lot of home invasions in my city. Even if she doesn’t send someone to pull a hit, there are people who pretend they’re with the city and get you to open the door. Or say they’re with the water or gas or electric company and they just need you to come to the door for a minute.

I’m not coming to the door, and if they insist on breaking in, they won’t like what’s on the other side of it.

All you can do, really, since the police are useless, is arm yourself and make breaking into your home to hurt you and your loved ones the last mistake the criminal will ever make.

But back to Social Media. It’s not that every Social Media platform is disgusting and terrible.

There are some open ones that could be called a social platform, including IRC chat. They go way back, many of the old ones have never needed a “Code of Conduct”. If you don’t like what’s going on there, leave.

The governments have been trying to push people off of things like IRC, because it’s much easier to plant spies and censors (often automated) into centralized “servers” like Discord, Facebook, and Twitter.

Some platforms, such as Mastodon, may be too small for companies that make fake background checks for your Pointy Haired Boss to bother trying to monitor. They may rely on your PHB only ever hearing about Twitter or Facebook. But you still need to watch what you say, and use a pseudonym.

Element (formerly Riot) has alternative servers other than the official ones. If the room and private chats use End to End encryption, that’s a lot better than nothing.

The safest thing to do is go dark, but if you won’t go dark, run silent and run deep. Use an anonymizing VPN or Tor Browser. (Although spyware in Microsoft Windows makes these worthless! Use GNU/Linux.)

Use open source and decentralized services, and E2E encryption, never use your real name, and never trust that anyone is really who they appear to be.

I feel that people shouldn’t have to hear this, but you hear how people get busted and convicted of crimes every day for shit they posted on Facebook or Twitter, or told someone in an app (which can also never be unsaid), without which the police would have otherwise had zero evidence to show the court.

Considering that such “services” are essentially useless wastes of time where, at best, you’ll show off, or show what an asshole you really are to the world, or post pictures of your vacation that literally nobody else cares about, except maybe as evidence, can you really afford all of the potential consequences of “using them” (they use you), both foreseeable and unforeseen?

If that answer is no, or you can’t decide, then odds are you should not be on these vile platforms.

Out, out, damned Facebook! Out, out, damned Twitter!

“Security expert” Matthew Garrett blows up Windows by enabling the Microsoft 3rd Party UEFI CA certificate, then says the Bitlocker Backdoor (for police) saved his data from the TPM.

“Security expert” Matthew Garrett blew up Windows on the laptop he’s been complaining about all week by enabling the Microsoft 3rd Party UEFI CA certificate, then says the Bitlocker Backdoor (for police) saved his data from the TPM.

My God, this guy couldn’t get better with a bag of chips.

I don’t even have to make much effort to blog about Matthew Garrett FAILs. All I have to do is screenshot the Nitter instance I use.

(Which I use because I don’t want Twitter’s JavaScripts or to sign in to read things. Twitter is a malicious time sink that spies on people. Some people have even been doxxed and profiled for “risk mitigation” by contractors hired by their employer. Something that is impossible if you don’t have an account.)

Essentially, what Garrett is saying is that when you enable Microsoft’s 3rd Party UEFI CA certificate, which is what the “shim” that enables “Security Theater Boot” to work on GNU/Linux, is signed with, that the TPM will refuse to decrypt your Bitlocker volumes. Not that this could be any sort of an inconvenience. Right?

The TPM freaking out is a problem I ran into when I applied an official Lenovo UEFI update for March of 2021 on my ThinkBook 15 ITL Gen2.

There was no warning that this was even possibly going to happen, just like it seems there was no warning on Garrett’s laptop that enabling that certificate would destroy Windows and cause data loss due to the TPM and Bitlocker.

Windows 10 Professional comes with Bitlocker enabled by default. In my case, I told it to delete my recovery key because I didn’t want Microsoft to have a copy to hand to the police if they came looking for whatever reason (I don’t know why they would.), and then I generated a new recovery key, and forgot to write it down before I applied Lenovo’s UEFI update, which tripped the TPM, and caused it to refuse to decrypt my files and ask me for a recovery key I didn’t have.

Not that I think it would help, because I also couldn’t make the keyboard work to type anything anyway.

I ended up losing all files that weren’t backed up, which thankfully wasn’t many, and using my 2016 laptop to make a GNU/Linux live installer and wipe Windows off the disk permanently. That turned out to be the kick I needed to get me to stop playing around with shit-ass Windows again.

Since “Secure Boot” is worthless, you should just turn it off permanently and then wipe Windows from the disk.

Of course, back to Bitlocker…. If Microsoft has your decryption key, they can be compelled to give it to the police, which makes it a backdoor that they admit to having. There very well can be others that they don’t admit to having.

But if you use Windows at all, the Telemetry, Windows Defender, and Smartscreen are telling them all of the stuff on your computer anyway, and all of your keystrokes. So if you have anything you’re not supposed to have, they can tell law enforcement, and then get themselves compelled to hand over your decryption recovery key if it is in your Microsoft account. Due to being the default, it almost certainly is.

Then you may be in court with your life ruined spending your last pennies on a lawyer in some last ditch effort to stay out of prison.

My letter to the Lake County, Illinois State’s Attorney, Eric Rinehart, about the Highland Park Shooter.

I sent this to Eric Rinehart, the State’s Attorney of Lake County, over Facebook Messenger.

Hi Eric. I’d just like to comment, as a voter, on your speech the other day on the news.

Laws do not matter when nobody enforces them, or when they are enforced on the whim of government bureaucrats.

As Robert Crimo III demonstrated, the FOID Act failed everyone that day, as it normally does.

The police first lied and said that they didn’t ever have any contact with him, then changed their story when they were discovered.

Not once, but twice, in 2019, they were called out because he was threatening to kill himself and then “everyone”, and they thought enough of it to remove many knives, swords, daggers, etc. from the house, however… his dad sponsored him for a FOID Card after these events, and the Illinois State Police issued him one.

My question to you and the Illinois State Police is what good is the FOID Act if they gave Robert Crimo III a FOID Card knowing what he had done? When will the next guy who had an active FOID Card after something like those incidents had already happened strike?

Unfortunately, Illinois has no death sentence, so it will be impossible for Crimo III to be brought to the justice he so rightly deserves and has earned.

But the police are culpable for issuing him a FOID card, and you should charge those police officers with criminal negligence leading to the mass shooting.

Also, it should be a crime for the police to lie to the public over and over. They do it every day without consequence, and they do it in court too. George Carlin was dead on when he said “To protect, to serve, and to lie in court whenever it helps the state convict you.”.

I’ve had the police introduce lies in court against me twice in Illinois. I mentioned this to Kevin when he was my defense attorney and he just brushed it off.

Then again when they showed up approximately 45 minutes after a fender bender and let a guy with no license, no insurance, and his passenger who was on parole in Wisconsin leave, and issued me a ticket. Apparently, they can do that based on telepathically divining what happened from 5 miles away? Very nice. I defeated that traffic citation because Beavis and Butthead never showed up and the police didn’t actually witness anything.

This is truly a depraved place.

Maybe there ought to be a law against the police making false statements to the public. Unfortunately, if nobody stops them from perjuring themselves over and over in court every day, it’s doubtful anyone cares about their repeated gaslighting at press conferences.

In 2019, I tried to take my spouse to a July 4th festival at Navy Pier and we were nearly trampled to death by a crowd when juvenile delinquents tossed fireworks into the crowd, causing them to panic. Since then, every year when he wants to go do something, I tell him “No. It’s Illinois. Remember what happened in Chicago?” This year I told him the same thing.

It’s almost predictable that something will happen based on where we live. We know not what or exactly where, but we know that in the state with the strictest gun laws, we’re less safe than if we left and went to live in Indiana.

And that’s a problem for the narrative that “gun laws save lives”, in my opinion.

It didn’t save anyone on that horrific day. It doesn’t save anyone in Chicago on any day.

It’s basically the optical delusion of having accomplished something.