Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee Bhushan Chouhan claims I said I “was in need of money” when I never said that. But it gets better!

Batteries Plus Bulbs Gurnee, IL franchisee Bhushan Chouhan slanders me to the bank, claims I said I “was in need of money” when I never said that.

The dispute with Batteries Plus ***hole just keeps trucking.

When Bhushan Chouhan, the owner of Lasa LLC, registered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, dba Batteries Plus Bulbs in Gurnee, Illinois responded to my credit card dispute over his botched attempt at making car keys for my Buick, he threw in the lie that I told him I was in need of money, most likely to try to taint the bank’s impression of me.

However, Mr. Chouhan may not be aware that the Small Business Administration posts the recipients of Paycheck Protection Program “loans” (most of which can be forgiven, qualifying it as corporate welfare), as public information.

According to the SBA, Lasa LLC got a loan of $4,500.

And how do we know it’s the same Lasa LLC? Well, the OpenGovUS website goes into more details, and look what pops up.

Gee, “Chouhan” that.

The point of the PPP, or as I call it, the “CCCP”, was to “save jobs”.

Essentially, the idea is that businesses that are on the verge of collapse or having to lay people off can go plead poverty (inability to make payroll or other expenses) to the SBA and get such a loan.

Which is ironic, when you think about it.

A battery and light bulb store telling the government it needs money to keep the lights on.

That’s how you know this is a government operation folks.

Nobody can go buy car batteries, AAs, light bulbs, and CR2032s at Walmart. Oh wait, they sell all of that at discount prices, and take it back if it doesn’t work. Silly me.

The government has to rescue a store that sells them at a higher price with sneaky fees that they ambush you with, and is having troubles for various reasons.

I’d say in my opinion, the demeanor of the owner being their bigger liability.

As you’d expect from a big government program that doesn’t work very well, a lot of people used the PPP for unintended purposes, whether illegal or legal, or through some loophole, and a few even got loans for businesses that didn’t exist at all and then fled the country before Uncle Sugar realized what happened.

NBC News even went so far as to call the program “the biggest fraud in a generation”.

My opinion of the program is not a very high opinion.

Last, but not least, when it came to the number of “jobs” saved at “LASA LLC”, the number was only “1”. According to the Small Business Administration.

I wonder who that could be.

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