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My spouse has COVID, and I’m worried for him. (And that I’m probably going to be next.) (And another Lake County Health Department story.)

My spouse has COVID, and I’m worried for him. (And that I’m probably going to be next.)

My spouse told me he didn’t feel well today, and started coughing, and was running a fever, so I ran a couple quick COVID tests that I had left over from when the feds were handing them out in the mail.

I ran an Abbott BinaxNow first, and when the double line showed up REALLY fast, I said “SHIT, uhhh….Bad test?” (hey, even I’m entitled to drift off into wishful thinking now and then), and grabbed an iHealth test and ran that, and that one showed double lines (positive) as well.

So I tried to call down to the Lake County Health Department to see if his doctor there would call Paxlovid in over the phone. She says, “Well, no, our policy is you have to be seen first.”.

I go “Great, when can you see him?”, and they replied, “Well, maybe in a few weeks.”

Uh, so not real helpful.

So I called the CVS in Waukegan, IL and asked the pharmacist there where we could get Paxlovid or if a pharmacist can just prescribe it like President Biden said that they could, weeks ago, and of course they can’t, but he directed me to a “Minute Clinic”.

I called them, and they said that you need to get a “Telehealth” appointment on an app because they don’t want you in there if you know you have COVID.

So we pulled the car over and I screwed around with his iPhone.

Between him having to reset the password for his CVS account, then the interface being maddening, and then it saying it wouldn’t accept pictures of his health insurance card because they were over 2 MB, I decided to drive down to the CVS in Lake Villa, because the CVS app is, pardon my French, a fucking worthless piece of shit.

Lake Villa is one of those really bougie suburbs of Chicago where every building has to look a certain way. From the dark gold sign, you couldn’t even tell there was a CVS store there, so I almost missed it.

When I got in, I found out it actually isn’t a walk-in and they were closed, and had no appointments. But the kiosk let me make an appointment at a store in Highland Park.

Yes, the Highland Park where the July 4th Mass Shooting happened.

So we wasted a lot of time, and get on our way to Highland Park.

Finally, we got there (60% of the way to Chicago and via the scenic route), and signed in on the kiosk, and showed them his insurance card, and the doctor prescribed the Paxlovid.

Thank God.

You never know what doctors are going to do. The Health Department said, “Well, you should just wait and see.” and I actually shot back “No, that’s actually not what the plan is! But thank you and good day.”.

It’s nice that the Health Department that closed the entire County down two years ago and told the restaurants they’d be fined into the ground couldn’t give less of a damn about COVID now. Isn’t it?

They only had one appointment available and so I had my spouse take it because he tested positive and had the symptoms.

Now I’m in a “wait and see” about myself. Will continue to test daily.

I wonder who the President was trying to joke around with when he said it was easy and fast to get treated.

There exists not one place in Waukegan, Illinois to get Paxlovid and the testing sites are gone too.

It’s also the poorest city in Lake County, and has the most Black and Brown people in the county.

It’s a very Progressive county, though, don’t you see?

Now don’t get me wrong. I actually like Biden more than I liked “Cheeto Hitler”, and I’m sure it is easy to get them to pull out all the stops when you’re the President of America and get a mild case.

For everyone that’s not rich and in a bougie suburb, or can’t at least drive to one, you get to “Wait and see.”, don’t you see?

It’s obvious who they’re trying to save here, and what their income level and skin color are. Absolutely disgusting.

This reminded me of the state sending vaccines that the white Republicans downstate didn’t even want, which led to Chicagoans driving 200 miles per dose.

That’s what ended up happening to us in 2021, for the first two doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. We had to go down to beautiful Pekin, Illinois to get a few months ahead of Lake County Health Department.

6 months later, we got “first booster” and about 5 weeks ago, got “Omicron booster”, and we still have COVID in our house, obviously, and my spouse is off work all week, and now I’m just waiting to see if I get it too.

So this is lovely, isn’t it?

It might have been worse without the vaccines, but Mom will just jump on this as “proof” that the vaccines “don’t work at all”, because “splitting” is a hallmark of the personality of both my parents.

My letter to the Lake County, Illinois State’s Attorney, Eric Rinehart, about the Highland Park Shooter.

I sent this to Eric Rinehart, the State’s Attorney of Lake County, over Facebook Messenger.

Hi Eric. I’d just like to comment, as a voter, on your speech the other day on the news.

Laws do not matter when nobody enforces them, or when they are enforced on the whim of government bureaucrats.

As Robert Crimo III demonstrated, the FOID Act failed everyone that day, as it normally does.

The police first lied and said that they didn’t ever have any contact with him, then changed their story when they were discovered.

Not once, but twice, in 2019, they were called out because he was threatening to kill himself and then “everyone”, and they thought enough of it to remove many knives, swords, daggers, etc. from the house, however… his dad sponsored him for a FOID Card after these events, and the Illinois State Police issued him one.

My question to you and the Illinois State Police is what good is the FOID Act if they gave Robert Crimo III a FOID Card knowing what he had done? When will the next guy who had an active FOID Card after something like those incidents had already happened strike?

Unfortunately, Illinois has no death sentence, so it will be impossible for Crimo III to be brought to the justice he so rightly deserves and has earned.

But the police are culpable for issuing him a FOID card, and you should charge those police officers with criminal negligence leading to the mass shooting.

Also, it should be a crime for the police to lie to the public over and over. They do it every day without consequence, and they do it in court too. George Carlin was dead on when he said “To protect, to serve, and to lie in court whenever it helps the state convict you.”.

I’ve had the police introduce lies in court against me twice in Illinois. I mentioned this to Kevin when he was my defense attorney and he just brushed it off.

Then again when they showed up approximately 45 minutes after a fender bender and let a guy with no license, no insurance, and his passenger who was on parole in Wisconsin leave, and issued me a ticket. Apparently, they can do that based on telepathically divining what happened from 5 miles away? Very nice. I defeated that traffic citation because Beavis and Butthead never showed up and the police didn’t actually witness anything.

This is truly a depraved place.

Maybe there ought to be a law against the police making false statements to the public. Unfortunately, if nobody stops them from perjuring themselves over and over in court every day, it’s doubtful anyone cares about their repeated gaslighting at press conferences.

In 2019, I tried to take my spouse to a July 4th festival at Navy Pier and we were nearly trampled to death by a crowd when juvenile delinquents tossed fireworks into the crowd, causing them to panic. Since then, every year when he wants to go do something, I tell him “No. It’s Illinois. Remember what happened in Chicago?” This year I told him the same thing.

It’s almost predictable that something will happen based on where we live. We know not what or exactly where, but we know that in the state with the strictest gun laws, we’re less safe than if we left and went to live in Indiana.

And that’s a problem for the narrative that “gun laws save lives”, in my opinion.

It didn’t save anyone on that horrific day. It doesn’t save anyone in Chicago on any day.

It’s basically the optical delusion of having accomplished something.

Highland Park Mass Shooter had active FOID card, father says “no regrets”, police lied and then changed story.

The Highland Park Mass Shooter had an Active FOID card, the father says “no regrets” helping him get it, and the police lied and said they had no prior contact and then changed their story to “Oh, other than those two times he threatened to kill himself and then ‘everyone’ and we had to take 19 knives, daggers, and swords from the house, but then didn’t place him on a list of people who can’t get a FOID card.”.

In other words, there’s multiple problems here.

Two parts of the Democrat FOID law have failed. The father didn’t have the common sense to not sponsor his underage son for getting one, and the Illinois State Police are so stupid, they actually gave him one despite knowing that he was a public danger.

Without a FOID, there’s no way to legally purchase a gun if you live in Illinois.

The police took mine in 2019 over a Class C Misdemeanor that was dismissed due to a negotiated plea deal, and it took me two years and a lawsuit to get it back.

Meanwhile, the Illinois State Police gave a FOID card to the Highland Park Shooter and enabled him to commit Domestic Terrorism.

Lovely state, Illinois.

The most interesting part is that just like in Uvalde, Texas, the police lied in such a manner that it would be discovered quickly, and then just kept changing their lies once they were caught.

There is so much propaganda and cop worship in this country that it makes me want to vomit.

The police in Illinois lied and introduced incriminating remarks that I didn’t make into my case (I invoked my right to remain silent.) and then my own attorney said “It doesn’t matter because that’s what’s in their report.”. Now he’s the Assistant State’s Attorney.

Who could sit on a jury knowing this, and still be inclined to believe these people?

As for Highland Park, the State’s Attorney says they’ll hit Robert Crimo III (the shooter) with every charge we have a law for, and they’re looking at the father, Crimo II, as well.

I say justice done would be to hang Crimo III high and hang his dad next to him, unfortunately the Democrats got rid of the death sentence in this state.

If you’re a gun owner in Illinois, don’t put your FOID card behind your driver’s license. Bonus: Highland Park Mass Shooting

If you’re a gun owner in Illinois, don’t put your FOID card behind your driver’s license.

I recently had an exchange of emails with Richard Stallman over the absurdity of gun control laws.

Some issues came up where I poked truck-sized holes in his arguments in favor of gun control, which obviously none of that has been working in Chicago, but aside from this I mentioned who the police are actually harassing in Illinois. Legal gun owners who have a FOID card.

Like that Navy veteran who started carrying.

He had a FOID card but not an active CCL. He previously had a CCL, but he said it cost too much to keep renewing, so he just kept the guns in his house and had a FOID card.

Then he had to do UberEats because of the shitty economy, and he kept getting approached and harassed by Chicago street criminals.

So he started carrying again with a FOID but no CCL.

When he got pulled over for a minor traffic issue, he pulled out his driver’s license.

His FOID was behind the license.

The cop saw the FOID and asked if he had a gun in the car.

He told the cop yes, and then the cop charged him with a felony for not having the CCL.

His life was ruined and he now has a felony record even though he was never going to harm anyone.

The state of Illinois took an honorably discharged Navy veteran who was dismayed by the crime and the 2 hour and 6 minute average police response time in his Chicago neighborhood, and tried to protect himself, and made him totally unemployable, using a law meant to go after “dangerous criminals”, or so we are told.

When I read that, I moved the FOID card out from behind my driver’s license and put it behind my health insurance card instead.

I said, “That’s a good point. If the cop sees your FOID during a traffic stop, they might pull what they did with this poor fellow.”.

And who needs more police harassment over exercising a civil right which is theoretically guaranteed by our nation’s highest law?

People like Richard Stallman have placed entirely too much trust into institutions that have shown repeatedly that they don’t deserve it and either won’t fix anything or are designed to actively resist fixing things.

Instead of simplistically suggesting that a ban on guns will solve violent crime, what they should be saying is that most crime springs from giving people nothing to lose and all day standing around to get angrier about it, like mass poverty and unemployment.

Capitalism wants unemployment. Can’t exist without it.

When the government says it wants full employment, what it really means is it wants a minimum of five percent unemployment. Minimum. If there aren’t enough where you came from, you might demand to be paid more for your labor.

Going back to angry young men, the mass shooting this morning at the July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois is another example of why there’s nothing to celebrate in a country that turns its back on citizens, rules from the alleged Supreme Court that women are a uterus with legs, and proposes additional taxes on people without kids (which was an actual policy in the Soviet Union of all places), and leaves everyone to fend for themselves. Not just with unemployment and poverty, but when you get cancer or something.

The two dozen people who survived will start getting a parade…..of hospital bills easily hitting hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Happy ‘Murrica Day!

Being shot and killed or left with millions in hospital bills trying to celebrate a country that threw them overboard thirty years ago is a sad thing indeed.

About as ironic is the Mexican family next door that Trump and his racist thugs that voted for him were trying to get rid of just 18 months ago shooting off fireworks all last night.

You can’t go anywhere these days without being shot at or something, in a state with the toughest gun laws in America.

The police came out after it was too late, to stand around for photo ops in their body armor with their machine guns, just like Uvalde.

To go along with this shit show where the police are locking down a majority White and wealthy Chicago suburb and going door to door and shutting down the Metra, is when at least this much happens in Chicago every single day, and nothing happens….no lockdowns, no manhunts….no Biden….no feds.

The police show up and count the shell casings each time in Chicago and then the news says “We’ll report on it in one run when there’s sixty bodies total at the end of the weekend.”.

This is mostly because they’re not wealthy and White down there like they are in Highland Park, so nobody makes a big stink about it in Chicago.

Even my mom said, “There are kids being shot in Highland Park!”.

I said, “There’s kids being hit in the head by stray bullets while doing their homework in Chicago!”.

This is what happens. This media circus about White people getting shot in Highland Park made the national news and got a direct response from Biden, and will go on and on for weeks, and the police are working it because they can’t just wring their hands since it was White people face down on the sidewalk.

I have also noticed that a similar phenomenon happens when people go missing. It’s a country of over 300 million people. Lots go missing all the time.

The media circus and phone alerts (which I finally got annoyed enough about to turn off) happens when they’re White and a woman, leading to me sneering about it on the news Web sites as “Oh great, another Missing White Woman Alert.”.

It’s not that people in the US don’t care, it’s that we’re burned out. We have to endure so many ignorant people putting so many ignorant politicians in office, that don’t want to be seen doing nothing, so they do the wrong thing (Democrats), or don’t want to lift people out of poverty either because they don’t want to spend the money (Republicans) or because they spend the money creating poverty traps in order to get voters (Democrats). In the end, it really is the same thing, isn’t it?

I noted the other day on TechRights that the more you fight to get ahead in this country, the more they suck you back down into the gutter. You go to college to earn more money, and many people end up paying more in loans than the difference between some low wage job and their new career. You pick up hours, you lose your health insurance subsidy from the government. You get a little more money this month, there went the help with your food and light bill. You have savings? That just means you get inflation and garnishment creditors and lost that.

It’s horrible. And I’ve tried to point that out, but the problem is that most people you can point it out to stepped into it themselves and can’t get back out and don’t want anyone reminding them of the problems they’re facing, so things go on pretty much unchanged.