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My letter to the Lake County, Illinois State’s Attorney, Eric Rinehart, about the Highland Park Shooter.

I sent this to Eric Rinehart, the State’s Attorney of Lake County, over Facebook Messenger.

Hi Eric. I’d just like to comment, as a voter, on your speech the other day on the news.

Laws do not matter when nobody enforces them, or when they are enforced on the whim of government bureaucrats.

As Robert Crimo III demonstrated, the FOID Act failed everyone that day, as it normally does.

The police first lied and said that they didn’t ever have any contact with him, then changed their story when they were discovered.

Not once, but twice, in 2019, they were called out because he was threatening to kill himself and then “everyone”, and they thought enough of it to remove many knives, swords, daggers, etc. from the house, however… his dad sponsored him for a FOID Card after these events, and the Illinois State Police issued him one.

My question to you and the Illinois State Police is what good is the FOID Act if they gave Robert Crimo III a FOID Card knowing what he had done? When will the next guy who had an active FOID Card after something like those incidents had already happened strike?

Unfortunately, Illinois has no death sentence, so it will be impossible for Crimo III to be brought to the justice he so rightly deserves and has earned.

But the police are culpable for issuing him a FOID card, and you should charge those police officers with criminal negligence leading to the mass shooting.

Also, it should be a crime for the police to lie to the public over and over. They do it every day without consequence, and they do it in court too. George Carlin was dead on when he said “To protect, to serve, and to lie in court whenever it helps the state convict you.”.

I’ve had the police introduce lies in court against me twice in Illinois. I mentioned this to Kevin when he was my defense attorney and he just brushed it off.

Then again when they showed up approximately 45 minutes after a fender bender and let a guy with no license, no insurance, and his passenger who was on parole in Wisconsin leave, and issued me a ticket. Apparently, they can do that based on telepathically divining what happened from 5 miles away? Very nice. I defeated that traffic citation because Beavis and Butthead never showed up and the police didn’t actually witness anything.

This is truly a depraved place.

Maybe there ought to be a law against the police making false statements to the public. Unfortunately, if nobody stops them from perjuring themselves over and over in court every day, it’s doubtful anyone cares about their repeated gaslighting at press conferences.

In 2019, I tried to take my spouse to a July 4th festival at Navy Pier and we were nearly trampled to death by a crowd when juvenile delinquents tossed fireworks into the crowd, causing them to panic. Since then, every year when he wants to go do something, I tell him “No. It’s Illinois. Remember what happened in Chicago?” This year I told him the same thing.

It’s almost predictable that something will happen based on where we live. We know not what or exactly where, but we know that in the state with the strictest gun laws, we’re less safe than if we left and went to live in Indiana.

And that’s a problem for the narrative that “gun laws save lives”, in my opinion.

It didn’t save anyone on that horrific day. It doesn’t save anyone in Chicago on any day.

It’s basically the optical delusion of having accomplished something.

If you’re a gun owner in Illinois, don’t put your FOID card behind your driver’s license. Bonus: Highland Park Mass Shooting

If you’re a gun owner in Illinois, don’t put your FOID card behind your driver’s license.

I recently had an exchange of emails with Richard Stallman over the absurdity of gun control laws.

Some issues came up where I poked truck-sized holes in his arguments in favor of gun control, which obviously none of that has been working in Chicago, but aside from this I mentioned who the police are actually harassing in Illinois. Legal gun owners who have a FOID card.

Like that Navy veteran who started carrying.

He had a FOID card but not an active CCL. He previously had a CCL, but he said it cost too much to keep renewing, so he just kept the guns in his house and had a FOID card.

Then he had to do UberEats because of the shitty economy, and he kept getting approached and harassed by Chicago street criminals.

So he started carrying again with a FOID but no CCL.

When he got pulled over for a minor traffic issue, he pulled out his driver’s license.

His FOID was behind the license.

The cop saw the FOID and asked if he had a gun in the car.

He told the cop yes, and then the cop charged him with a felony for not having the CCL.

His life was ruined and he now has a felony record even though he was never going to harm anyone.

The state of Illinois took an honorably discharged Navy veteran who was dismayed by the crime and the 2 hour and 6 minute average police response time in his Chicago neighborhood, and tried to protect himself, and made him totally unemployable, using a law meant to go after “dangerous criminals”, or so we are told.

When I read that, I moved the FOID card out from behind my driver’s license and put it behind my health insurance card instead.

I said, “That’s a good point. If the cop sees your FOID during a traffic stop, they might pull what they did with this poor fellow.”.

And who needs more police harassment over exercising a civil right which is theoretically guaranteed by our nation’s highest law?

People like Richard Stallman have placed entirely too much trust into institutions that have shown repeatedly that they don’t deserve it and either won’t fix anything or are designed to actively resist fixing things.

Instead of simplistically suggesting that a ban on guns will solve violent crime, what they should be saying is that most crime springs from giving people nothing to lose and all day standing around to get angrier about it, like mass poverty and unemployment.

Capitalism wants unemployment. Can’t exist without it.

When the government says it wants full employment, what it really means is it wants a minimum of five percent unemployment. Minimum. If there aren’t enough where you came from, you might demand to be paid more for your labor.

Going back to angry young men, the mass shooting this morning at the July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois is another example of why there’s nothing to celebrate in a country that turns its back on citizens, rules from the alleged Supreme Court that women are a uterus with legs, and proposes additional taxes on people without kids (which was an actual policy in the Soviet Union of all places), and leaves everyone to fend for themselves. Not just with unemployment and poverty, but when you get cancer or something.

The two dozen people who survived will start getting a parade…..of hospital bills easily hitting hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Happy ‘Murrica Day!

Being shot and killed or left with millions in hospital bills trying to celebrate a country that threw them overboard thirty years ago is a sad thing indeed.

About as ironic is the Mexican family next door that Trump and his racist thugs that voted for him were trying to get rid of just 18 months ago shooting off fireworks all last night.

You can’t go anywhere these days without being shot at or something, in a state with the toughest gun laws in America.

The police came out after it was too late, to stand around for photo ops in their body armor with their machine guns, just like Uvalde.

To go along with this shit show where the police are locking down a majority White and wealthy Chicago suburb and going door to door and shutting down the Metra, is when at least this much happens in Chicago every single day, and nothing happens….no lockdowns, no manhunts….no Biden….no feds.

The police show up and count the shell casings each time in Chicago and then the news says “We’ll report on it in one run when there’s sixty bodies total at the end of the weekend.”.

This is mostly because they’re not wealthy and White down there like they are in Highland Park, so nobody makes a big stink about it in Chicago.

Even my mom said, “There are kids being shot in Highland Park!”.

I said, “There’s kids being hit in the head by stray bullets while doing their homework in Chicago!”.

This is what happens. This media circus about White people getting shot in Highland Park made the national news and got a direct response from Biden, and will go on and on for weeks, and the police are working it because they can’t just wring their hands since it was White people face down on the sidewalk.

I have also noticed that a similar phenomenon happens when people go missing. It’s a country of over 300 million people. Lots go missing all the time.

The media circus and phone alerts (which I finally got annoyed enough about to turn off) happens when they’re White and a woman, leading to me sneering about it on the news Web sites as “Oh great, another Missing White Woman Alert.”.

It’s not that people in the US don’t care, it’s that we’re burned out. We have to endure so many ignorant people putting so many ignorant politicians in office, that don’t want to be seen doing nothing, so they do the wrong thing (Democrats), or don’t want to lift people out of poverty either because they don’t want to spend the money (Republicans) or because they spend the money creating poverty traps in order to get voters (Democrats). In the end, it really is the same thing, isn’t it?

I noted the other day on TechRights that the more you fight to get ahead in this country, the more they suck you back down into the gutter. You go to college to earn more money, and many people end up paying more in loans than the difference between some low wage job and their new career. You pick up hours, you lose your health insurance subsidy from the government. You get a little more money this month, there went the help with your food and light bill. You have savings? That just means you get inflation and garnishment creditors and lost that.

It’s horrible. And I’ve tried to point that out, but the problem is that most people you can point it out to stepped into it themselves and can’t get back out and don’t want anyone reminding them of the problems they’re facing, so things go on pretty much unchanged.

Illinois FOID Act: An unconstitutional law that invades privacy of gun owners and doesn’t lower crime. It’s a biometrics program that spies on lawful citizens.

In the US, the Second Amendment provides that American citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents have the right to bear arms, as do most state constitutions, including the one of the state of Illinois.

None of them hint that it would be lawful to restrict this right in any manner, but the federal courts have upheld that the federal and state governments have the right to bar people who are convicted felons or are subject to a restraining order.

Unfortunately, getting a restraining order is comically simple in the United States. In fact, a woman in New Mexico was able to get one against David Letterman in 2005 (CNN deleted the original story, but it’s at the Internet Archive) because she believed that he was sending her coded messages through her television set.

Instead of ordering the woman to undergo a mental health evaluation, the judge decided that, under the federal “Violence Against Women Act” (which some studies have shown to have increased violence against women, which would not be unprecedented given the results of the Wars on Drugs and Terrorists, and which gives people perverse incentives to make false accusations of domestic violence that ruin other people’s lives in exchange for government benefits), David Letterman couldn’t own a firearm until the restraining order ended.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Restraining orders are not hard to get. In fact, courts issue millions of them every year. The majority are against men, and usually as a matter of process (“justice as an assembly line”) rather than a decision made by a judge that is grounded in the facts of the case. Divorce lawyers, perhaps the most unscrupulous type, hit men with them strategically while they help their cheating ex-wives (or husbands, it’s the future!) strip them of their assets and run off with their children.

In fact, that’s where we get to the meat of our story.

My ex didn’t even ask the court for one in 2019. He brought someone into our home by surprise to openly cheat on me with, in front of me, and when I complained about it, they called the police and fabricated a story about me threatening them with a knife.

In fact, I had a 2 inch fishing knife because we lived on a house with a pier and I had been fishing from it earlier. The police charged me with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and hauled me off to the booking station.

In fact, they didn’t even tell me that they were pressing the second charge, which was against my ex. The cops at the station gave up trying to get me to talk to them and cut me loose and told me to go home, with my ex. They had the authority to order me not to go home or anywhere near him as a condition of the individual bond, but they didn’t do that. The shifty bastards just chose to not inform me about the second charge until I ended up in arraignment court the next month.

Well, obviously things did not go well when I got back home. In fact, my mother was terrified. She took 3 weeks off work and came to stay with me and during that three weeks, my ex would taunt me that if he felt like it, he would just lie to the police again and “have them take [me] away”, because “Who are they going to believe? You’re already on bail.”.

So I picked a day where he would be at work, moved out everything I could, and lived in a motel, for the next two years. In the American system, if you go to court, you’ll almost always be convicted (because fair), so almost everyone takes a plea bargain.

In fact, the state settled with me for Disorderly Conduct as a Class C Misdemeanor, but went ahead and made no contact with the “victims” a condition of probation, which automatically took away my right to own a firearm or a FOID card.

Whether you believe me or not is, frankly, irrelevant. What follows, however, is relevant.

The FOID system in Illinois is a complete mess.

Under the 1968 law, which only the state of Illinois has, you must have one to do all the things most Americans can do with a gun without any sort of permit from the state. The state has not only currently disenfranchised over 34,000 Illinoisans, most of them after some sort of show trial, plea bargain, or ridiculous restraining order which anyone can be slapped with, but it doesn’t know what happened to the cards or the guns in up to 80% of the cases, according to the Chicago Tribune.

To get a FOID card, the Illinois State Police subject you to a background check, which uses NICS, and they additionally check to see if your psychiatrist has narced on you for being a “threat to self or others”, with whatever that means being at the sole discretion of the psychiatrist and taking place entirely outside a court on something more like a “No Fly List” (violation of due process), or if you have voluntarily admitted yourself into a mental health treatment facility in the past 5 years for any reason.

In addition to being overly broad and giving doctors every reason to report to err on the side of not losing their license, it disincentivizes individuals to seek mental help. Possibly sending them over the edge with a loaded gun instead of talking out their problems or seeking medical help. But lawfakers almost never consider the real world implications of their laws.

In fact, they say they want to remove stigma of mental illness, or at least Democrats do, but then they further stigmatize it, when research shows that almost no mass shooters are actually mentally ill in the sense of anything covered by the DSM.

(Democrats have also blamed video games, music, and everything else, and have attempted to gut the First Amendment accordingly. Idiots looking for easy solutions and assholes who want to take away all of your rights.)

In fact, it’s often just some toxic man who can’t get anyone to have sex with him. Which is not in the DSM. Should the DSM be updated? I think it should be, but that doesn’t change the facts. And why should it affect anyone else? On top of that, before many mass shootings, the people around the shooter frantically tried to get the attention of the police, to no avail, even in states with Red Flag Laws, which are worse than FOID because they violate several more amendments to the Bill of Rights at the same time.

So, essentially, what these laws mean is that all of society has to give up their constitutional rights because of some idiot who can’t vent by beating off to internet porn that the police were warned of and chose not to do anything about.

And, on the subject of suicides, the gun laws have no effect overall. People in countries with the strictest gun laws who want to do it will jump in front of a train. Perhaps the Democrats in Illinois should outlaw Metra instead of just leaning on the news to quit reporting people leaping onto the tracks. After all, the problem has been on the rise in Illinois for years, and even Metra’s own CEO jumped in front of one to beat an arrest for embezzling from the agency. Just outlaw trains, or maybe force everyone to get clearance to be within 1,000 feet of one from the state police, by making them ask for a “Train Pass Owner ID Card” that can be at the whim of the state. I’m sure the problem will go away immediately, because Democrats.

The fact is, if people want to do something, they’ll find a way to get it done.

When criminal thugs in Chicago want guns, they don’t walk into a gun shop and tell the law abiding gun shop owner “Here’s my FOID card, all hail Jabba the Pritzker!”, they just buy a trunk load from out of state, illegally. Or they rob a train car full of M16 assault rifles heading to a military armory (fully automatic, at that, which are also banned by law for civilian possession, as is train robbery…as well as flak jackets and grenade launchers). Criminals breaking the law? Nooooooo! That’s absurd. More so than the notion that they’re better armed than the Colonial Marines who went to LV-426 in the movie Aliens. 🙂

Since the passage of the FOID Act, over 250,000 Illinoisans have been shot and over 70,000 have been killed.

Which are statistics that make the state sound more like the Vietnam War than a Democrat success, right?

So when you lose your right to a FOID card, what’s it like?

Personal experience: The Illinois State Police are so backlogged and incompetent that it took them from August 2019, when the order was handed down by the judge, to January 2020, to invalidate my FOID card and ask for it back under penalty of a new misdemeanor.

So wait, you’re saying you had an active FOID card for five months from the order and 8 months from the arrest?

Not exactly. I surrendered it voluntarily to my probation officer and the Illinois State Police got a surrender form that had been filled out by her and lost it. Then they left the card file active and then demanded a card that I no longer had. Had I just not told the probation officer about the card, that’s exactly what _could_ have happened though. The probation officer I got stuck with was such a lefty moron that she actually said “I’ll need the card. you can’t buy a gun without the card.”. I wryly replied, “Must explain Chicago, then.”.

So it sounds like if the people being subjected to these orders really are dangerous, then the Illinois State Police could be leaving them with the ability to buy a gun and do whatever they’re going to do with it for quite some time?

Bingo. And the real kicker is that by August of 2020, the court order expired and I was eligible for a FOID card again.

So did you ever get the card back?

Yes, I did! In fact, in addition to the state violating its own laws about processing time for FOID cards (the law gives them 30 days, but if you call the 800 number now they admit it’s more like 90), they also violate the law on timeline for appeals. Some are taking 3 years. Mine took 6 months.

So wait, the FOID Act says if you committed a violent crime you can’t get it back!

No it doesn’t. It says if you were convicted of one, you can’t get it back. Disorderly Conduct isn’t “violent” and I took court supervision, so I was not convicted of anything.

Well gee, that sounds like a really dumb law then.

It is. And the Democrats are trying to make it even worse. It’s already been struck down a couple of times, but the Illinois Supreme Court is using stall tactics to avoid having to make a permanent ruling, because they know they’ll lose when it goes to the US Supreme Court. The Illinois State Rifle Association (not the NRA) has come to the defense of citizens against a vicious attack on our rights by the Illinois legislature and unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats in the Illinois State Police against a senseless law that emboldens armed career criminals by disarming their prey.

How are the Democrats trying to make it worse?

Aside from doubling the fee to use a constitutional right, which is at the whim of the State Police already, several Democrats in the legislature are trying to add steps to the process, including having the State Police force you to turn over your “Social Media” handles so that they can read them, and decide if they like what they’re reading or not before they make a decision on your FOID card application.

When constitutional rights depend on what you say on Facebook….. These are truly scary times. Philip K. Dick could have written a new book and it wouldn’t have been any more out there than what the Democrats have been up to in Illinois. Supporting Burn, Loot, and Murder, paroling child molesters and serial killers, and trying to pass a trailer bill like this to the FOID Act.

Maybe millions of Illinoisans will be creeped out by the government using their Facebook for something like this, but then, Bruce Schneier said that when it’s a choice between security and dancing pigs, users will choose dancing pigs every time. Facebook has been getting more toxic and less tolerant of free speech anyway, and has been banning people randomly and losing users, but doesn’t seem to care. They buy up most up and coming social media to make sure that when you leave them, you resurface somewhere else where it’s easy to be stalked and to keep tabs on you.

The folks of Illinois should take a look at what the politicians are up to. They should take a good, long, look.

Outside the scope of this article, many Illinois communities are now entirely out of money and can’t afford to run any local government operations at all because the state promised such generous pensions. The city of Harvey recently triggered a law that has the state intercept its share of various taxes to pay out pensions, and as a result had to lay off pretty much all of the remaining police and fire departments, Chicago complains of it too, and Peoria is probably next. But they won’t be the last. It’s no wonder that the state is emptying out of everyone who goes to work, pays their taxes, follows the law, and expects the state to keep them safe. It increasingly leaves criminals and ignorant hipsters and SJWs who support the criminals as the voting base. When these people vote, you get laws that make it difficult for you to protect your family from being raped and stolen from by people who come to burn down your house and business down.

It happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin where they have stronger gun rights protections than we do in Illinois, and if you give it time, perhaps only months, it could happen to you too.

BLM is really just a bunch of “Jimmy in-n-outs” as Saul Goodman (the lawyer from Breaking Bad) put it. They’re really angry and bitter that they have to do stints in prison between felonies and that every time the state lets them out to commit more crime, they go right back to the slammer. It’s a political movement in the sense that they want to confiscate your belongings using the state this time, as the state is sovereign and thus can’t do anything illegal. Maybe they are smarter than anyone thinks.

I believe that making the state so horrible that “Decent people should live somewhere else. They’ll like it better.” (As Jack Nicholson’s Joker put it.) is their end goal so that they have permanent run of the place.

“Just when those American citizens needed their rights the most, the government TOOK ‘EM AWAY. And rights aren’t rights if someone can TAKE ‘EM AWAY!” -George Carlin

The “media” barely (but sometimes, opaquely) reports on it, but the citizens of Illinois are increasingly discovering the Second Amendment. Illinois is now #1 in the nation for legal gun sales, with the State Police drowning in FOID card applications.

I just don’t understand, and maybe some of my fellow citizens can explain this to my satisfaction.

Why are you voting for Democrats to unleash child pornographers, rapists, murderers, and crackheads to live in your neighborhood, while making it harder to defend yourself from them, while defunding and hamstringing the police with a bill written by the “Black Caucus” that was passed in the middle of the night with no debate, and then buying a gun?

Do you see the irony?

Also, where did “GUN BAD ERGGGH! GUN BAD!” go?

Does that only apply to other folks and not the individual liberal itself?

Enquiring minds want to know.