Highland Park Mass Shooter had active FOID card, father says “no regrets”, police lied and then changed story.

The Highland Park Mass Shooter had an Active FOID card, the father says “no regrets” helping him get it, and the police lied and said they had no prior contact and then changed their story to “Oh, other than those two times he threatened to kill himself and then ‘everyone’ and we had to take 19 knives, daggers, and swords from the house, but then didn’t place him on a list of people who can’t get a FOID card.”.

In other words, there’s multiple problems here.

Two parts of the Democrat FOID law have failed. The father didn’t have the common sense to not sponsor his underage son for getting one, and the Illinois State Police are so stupid, they actually gave him one despite knowing that he was a public danger.

Without a FOID, there’s no way to legally purchase a gun if you live in Illinois.

The police took mine in 2019 over a Class C Misdemeanor that was dismissed due to a negotiated plea deal, and it took me two years and a lawsuit to get it back.

Meanwhile, the Illinois State Police gave a FOID card to the Highland Park Shooter and enabled him to commit Domestic Terrorism.

Lovely state, Illinois.

The most interesting part is that just like in Uvalde, Texas, the police lied in such a manner that it would be discovered quickly, and then just kept changing their lies once they were caught.

There is so much propaganda and cop worship in this country that it makes me want to vomit.

The police in Illinois lied and introduced incriminating remarks that I didn’t make into my case (I invoked my right to remain silent.) and then my own attorney said “It doesn’t matter because that’s what’s in their report.”. Now he’s the Assistant State’s Attorney.

Who could sit on a jury knowing this, and still be inclined to believe these people?

As for Highland Park, the State’s Attorney says they’ll hit Robert Crimo III (the shooter) with every charge we have a law for, and they’re looking at the father, Crimo II, as well.

I say justice done would be to hang Crimo III high and hang his dad next to him, unfortunately the Democrats got rid of the death sentence in this state.


3 thoughts on “Highland Park Mass Shooter had active FOID card, father says “no regrets”, police lied and then changed story.

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