Capital One tells me to get a letter from the Buick dealership for my Batteries Plus dispute and then says it doesn’t count.

Capital One told me to get a letter from the Buick dealership for my Batteries Plus Bulbs dispute and then says it doesn’t count.

I got a letter from Anthony Buick GMC in Gurnee, Illinois today detailing what they had to do to my Buick and why, and then “Crapital One” said it doesn’t count because they didn’t know how to read what it plainly says.

I ended up on the phone with Crapital One for another hour before giving up.

They just don’t want to help their customers with the dispute resolution process.

You give them what they want and they find something else they want.

Over and over until you give up trying to fight the crook who cheated you. (Batteries Plus Bulbs in Gurnee, Illinois.)

I froze my Crapital One credit cards and I’ve already switched my monthly spending that’s on autopay to Discover and Wells Fargo.

I may not be able to stop Crapital One from helping Bhushan Chouhan cheat me out of my $70 (which is all it amounts to at this point, and I’ve worked too hard to win my case hoping that I’d at least smack him and prove my point), but I can stop them from profiting off of my spending by collecting their merchant interchange fees while I shop.

That can go to a competing bank now.

I can also tell anyone who reads this how absolutely miserable you will be the day someone swindles you, and you take it to Crapital One.

Seriously, go to a different bank now. At least it couldn’t be worse than Crapital One.

I have no idea what Discover Card’s dispute process is like. I’ve heard there are narrower timelines for merchant responses, and I know Discover’s customer service is all US-based and answers the phone quickly.

I know I’ve read up on chargeback complaints from merchant POVs and have overheard how much they hate the deadlines that Discover and American Express impose because Visa and MasterCard give them forever to respond, and so sometimes they lose their Discover and AmEx disputes simply because they didn’t notice to respond in time.

With Batteries Plus ***hole that might have won my case by default, since it took him 20 days to reply and Discover would have only given him 5.

I’ve also never found myself screaming at Discover over how they could possibly be so stupid and terrible.

On the other hand, Crapital One is basically a predatory card company, and has always been known for giving cards to practically anyone with a pulse, typically at higher interest rates than other banks.

They’re also well known for giving out cards with high limits on them to people who recently threw them into a bankruptcy. It happened to my ex.

I was somewhat shocked when Discover Card gave me a card finally. I had been trying to get one for 11 years.

They’re kind of a difficult card to get compared with some of the “subprime” banks like Crapital One and the customer service is much better. I think Crapital One can avoid investing in service because their customers can’t get approved by anyone else except maybe Credit One or the Bank of North Dakota, which are worse.

There used to be issues with finding merchants that take Discover, but today you can walk around with a Discover card and shouldn’t have to go digging through your wallet to find a Crapital One just because the merchant only accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Roy at TechRights says I should just use cash. He says Bhushan Chouhan ended up cheating me and getting away with it and all my dispute did was waste everyone’s time, and he could have cheated me just as easily had I paid him in cash.

He’s right, but those rewards points are very addictive. Not to the point that I go spending just to get them, but because it costs money to live, man. And while the Battery Nazi made off with my $70, I’ve easily made $10,000 or more out of credit card schemes since I started using them years ago. If I stopped using them, I’d just be paying to fund everyone else’s.

Ideally, there’d just be lower prices, but merchants don’t give you a cash discount.

I can say one thing about dishonest merchants complaining about the time it takes to respond to chargebacks, and the fees the banks charge you to deal with them, win or lose.


They’ll stop filing chargebacks.

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