As the tide goes out at Mozilla, they now run full page Disney ads on their Web site.

Mozilla is now running full screen ads for Disney movies.

It gets worse. At the bottom of the page it has “stickers”, including one that says “I love Indie Tech”.

Yes, Firefox is very Indie. They rely on $500 million search deals with Google for 90% of their funding, and put ads, crapware, and alerts for a VPN that they rebranded into the browser, and they license DRM software….from Google, which you are obviously not allowed to have source code for, and which is impossible to license if you actually are an independent Web browser.

(I don’t even think that LibreWolf got a license from Google for Widevine. I think they just lie and download it claiming to be Firefox.)

Very Indie.

But what could possibly be more Indie and more Open Web than to run ads for a company like Disney, which says that copyright should run forever, has succeeded in tripling the time copyright lasts in the United States (including a 20 year freeze on things from the 1920s beginning to go into the public domain again, which only recently started to thaw), and runs an entire DRM streaming disservice which also gathers information on you and includes spyware libraries in their phone and tablet apps?

You can also enter to win a “free sample” of Disney’s streaming disservice, which will disappear and start billing your credit card every month, whether you watch it much or not.

Mitchell Baker has cut out all of the fluff, which would be the software developers, and lately Firefox version numbers go by where hardly anything at all that was important has changed. Her goal is to run the company into the ground while looting it financially for her own benefit.

Pretty much all of the recent changes worth mentioning that pertain to the GNU/Linux port were written or at least financed by IBM/Red Hat.

But at least they have a “Foundation” that has nothing to do with open source software, Microsoft partnerships (even as Windows 11 sabotages them and tells their users Firefox is dangerous), and a Global Chief Diversity Officer.

5 thoughts on “As the tide goes out at Mozilla, they now run full page Disney ads on their Web site.

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  2. Orca Flotta

    Yes, FF has fallen from grace. It’s a tragedy. I’m still using it; not even the clones and forks but only the original firefox will do it for me.


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