More GNOME Software FAIL. Useless software reviews.

It’s come to my attention several times now that if you want information about a program for GNU/Linux, don’t bother reading the reviews that people put in GNOME Software.

Some of it isn’t in English, which is the language that I speak, and GNOME Software doesn’t sort them out based on your preferred language.

The GNOME Software application doesn’t collect basic information about what distribution of GNU/Linux. (Or if it even is GNU/Linux, as GNOME actually still does run on other *nix systems, but I can’t imagine there’s too many non-GNU/Linux users left).

It doesn’t consider what package manager you installed the program from.

It could be from Fedora, it could be from Debian, or Ubuntu, or Arch. It could be a Snap. It could be a Flatpak.

It doesn’t say what version of the program they are reviewing(!) So it may work now, and the review is from 5 years ago.

Why would any of this be important?

Well, if you’re going to scream that the program doesn’t work, you really ought to figure out who is to blame for this first.

Chances are, if a program doesn’t run, it’s whoever packaged it, and that’s no reason to take it out on an application that probably works fine, and drag it through the mud. Talk to whoever built and packaged it, and find another place to get programs if this is becoming a thing.

Then there’s the people who are just outright stupid and give something a bad review just because they don’t know why it exists and does what it does, like the guy who complained that ungoogled-chromium doesn’t sync to Google’s servers. It can, however, export your passwords to CSV so you can put them in an encrypted archive or something and store them on your own backup media.

In fact, 150 passwords takes up 30 _kilobytes_ of storage in CSV, and that’s uncompressed.

It’s text, so it compresses down to about 10 times smaller than that. Let’s give all of our passwords to Google or Microsoft or Vivaldi or someone else. Sure.

Microsoft, for sure, can’t even secure their own systems.

When their sync server gets hacked, you’ll be sunk by their sync.

Apparently, at some point, people forgot how to shut down their browser and back up the profile.

I can’t believe that GNOME actually thought a review system like this was a good idea.

Along with the memory leaks I posted about earlier, GNOME Software is pretty much the worst thing about GNOME.

If they can’t fix this “review” mess somehow, they should just remove it.

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