Kape buys ExpressVPN. Very likely to ruin it like they did Private Internet Access.

Kape buys ExpressVPN. Very likely to ruin it like they did Private Internet Access.

This won’t be a long post except to warn people not to buy any new subscriptions to ExpressVPN, and with what’s coming, if you have one, you’ll likely just want to let it expire and take it off of auto-renew.

In fact, they may just get so bad, so fast, that you’ll abandon time you paid them for and give up trying to use it, like what happened with me and PIA about 9 months after Kape took them over, shut down most of the servers, and signed cheaper deals with less bandwidth and lower priority with their hosting providers.

Now that they have experience ruining one VPN company that used to be good, it probably won’t take them 9 months to do it this time. Every time you do something, you get better at doing it. 🙂

One has to wonder what the point of taking over a VPN just to ruin it and drive all of the customers to something else is.

Maybe Kape Technologies plans to just keep buying up other VPN companies? Maybe you’ll want to avoid any long term entanglements trying to save pennies and just find the best 12 month plan deal.

Kape maintains a helpful warning list of other products it owns, so you might want to check to make sure you don’t accidentally stumble into anything else.

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